These Are The Kylie Shop Items You Need

Kylie Jenner's holiday season has been busy, and while the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star may stay pretty booked up, the past few weeks have been next level. Now, the Kylie Shop is official opening on Saturday Dec. 10, and fans are sure to be stoked. After all, Jenner is giving her fans more of what they want: her. From phone cases to jackets to lingerie, the Kylie Shop is stocked full Jenner merch, and fans are definitely going to want to shop it.

Despite the initial announcement of the Kylie Shop only being a few short weeks ago, the amount of attention and sheer excitement surrounding the opening seems like it has been hyped for far longer. That's the power of Kylie Jenner, though, and it's definitely paying off. She's been steadily teasing fans about the products coming to the physical and online stores' shelves soon, and they're stoked about their soon to be Kylie goods.

Plus, the launch couldn't come at a better time for Jenner's fans. With the holiday season here, the Kylie Shop offers everyone a chance to snag super fun Kylie goods for their friends who also happen to be fellow fans. Let's be honest though, these products are also going to be perfect for a little bit of treating yourself during the holidays.

What are your best bets to purchase, though? While the merchandise isn't officially up on the online store yet, Jenner has teased tons of great things on social media.

1. Kylie Phone Case

Jenner loves social media, and with this phone case you can always remember your Kylie Jenner Instagram #goals.

2. Like Realizing Stuff Tee

Is there anything more iconic than Jenner's New Years video from 2016? No, and she knows how to laugh at herself which is why fans love her.

3. Oversized Kylie Tee

Why not wear Kylie on your shirt? Seriously, why not?

4. Kylie Calendar

Know an undercover Kylie fan? This calendar can stay their secret if they don't want to rock wearable merch.

5. Kylie Cosmetics Socks

Socks are usually a gift that gets mocked, but give someone these Kylie Cosmetics socks, and they definitely won't be disappointed.

6. Kylie Buttons

Looking for a stocking stuffer? A pin may be the answer.

7. Kylie Cosmetics Hat

This one could definitely be a treat yourself purchase.

8. Kylie Bomber

This beauty will probably be a higher cost item, but for the true Kylie fan in your life, it'll be perfect.

9. Kylie Hoodie

Jenner loves hoodies so why not cop her style by rocking one by her?

10. Kylie Undies

This one is probably a purchase to make for yourself, but hey, to each their own.

Come Dec. 10, the online Kylie Shop will officially launch. If you're a subscriber to Jenner's app, you'll get early access. If not, prepare to fight the crowds and good luck.