This 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Season 3 Photo Is Intriguing

Scott Everett White/The CW

If you're wondering where Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will go in Season 3, prepare to have plenty to speculate about. In terms of explosive yet intriguing finales, the Season 2 finale set fans up to expect Rebecca plotting revenge on Josh, Josh joining the seminary, and a whole lot of drama ensuing from a failed wedding. However, a new set photo from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 shows actors Rachel Bloom and Vincent Rodriguez III — who play Rebecca and Josh, respectively — holding a baby. Is this a roundabout way of announcing that Rebecca and Josh have a baby together in Season 3?

On Friday, Rodriguez III posted a photo to his Instagram that showed him and Bloom posing for a photo with a baby. Yes, a baby. He captioned that photo,

"If Rebecca and Josh had a baby, it might look like this little guy. Thanks to @jasonsnellman for letting us borrow him. The company of @cw_crazyxgf has a LOT of new bundles of joy this season."

So, while the little tyke may not be a baby actor playing Rebecca and Josh's baby, the fact that Rodriguez III is teasing some "new bundles of joy" really may leave you thinking about whether or not it's possible that Rebecca could have a baby during Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3.

It's not exactly impossible, but it would come as a big surprise. Rebecca and Josh certainly had an active and passionate sex life for the most part in Season 2, so the chances of Rebecca conceiving are up there. Additionally, it would make sense that maybe some of the early warning signs of pregnancy — missed period, nausea, mood swings, and so forth — would have been masked by Rebecca's spiral downward, as her mental health came apart at the seams while she planned her wedding to Josh.

While it could potentially be problematic for the show's story to let Rebecca jump into single motherhood when it's very clear that her mental health is fractured (and that's putting it kindly), it's not exactly something that would jump the shark, so to speak. Plus, let's not forget Rebecca did have a pregnancy scare in Season 2.

You have to admit: This little pretend family photo from the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend set is super cute. It's nice to imagine what might be coming down the track; let's just hope that if a baby is introduced, the show handles it sensibly.