Tayshia May Have Accidentally Revealed Her Post-'BiP' Relationship Status


Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise has been a bumpy ride for Tayshia. She somehow found herself stuck in the middle of a love triangle with John Paul Jones and Derek. And though she ended things with Derek on the Sept. 2 episode, she still seems to be questioning things with JPJ. In fact, the more time that passes, the more likely it seems that Tayshia is single after BiP.

Since the beginning of Season 6, JPJ hasn't been shy about confessing his undying love for Tayshia. He has often called her the woman of his dreams and even his future wife, but it's always been obvious (within the constraints of editing, at least) that Tayshia's feelings for him aren't nearly as strong. She's expressed concerns about him being young and therefore not experienced or mature enough to enter a serious relationship, but there's definitely something about him that's kept her intrigued — that is, until he began to pick fights with Derek over her.

During Krystal and Chris' wedding, JPJ accused Derek of going on the show to promote his podcast and sleeping with his fans — both claims Derek denied. They got into multiple screaming matches after that, and were never able to mend fences. So after Tayshia told Derek she didn't see a future with him, he decided there wasn't anyone else on the beach for him and went home.

Tayshia felt exhausted by all of the drama, but was reinvigorated with hope when a new guy, Matt Donald, arrived. She was crossing her fingers he'd choose her for his date, but he ended up asking Sydney instead. Their date went well, significantly lessening Tayshia's chances of swooping in and landing his rose. It's possible she'll continue to explore things with John Paul Jones, but at this point, it just seems like they're on different pages.

Plus, Tayshia may have already accidentally revealed her post-BiP relationship status on the Aug. 14 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. When hosts (and former Bachelorettes) Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky asked Tayshia how things turned out with JPJ, she replied, "You'll just have to watch and see how it plays out." However, a few seconds later, when they asked her what she's looking forward to in her future, she may have made a slip up.

"I have a couple of things I'm working on that I'm excited to show off later down the road. I'm just working," she said. "I still work. I'm a bookkeeper, I try to do my thing… I'm enjoying myself, being single."

Rachel and Ali noticed the big reveal and asked if it meant she could be the next Bachelorette. "Please come out of this super single," Ali said. Tayshia just chuckled and thanked them for the love and support, which also means she didn't deny the possibility of leading her own season. Either way, it doesn't look great for John Paul Jones... or any other man who ends up falling for Tayshia down in Paradise.