7 Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Reviews To Help You Decide Whether To Buy The Palettes

Courtesy of Morphe

June has turned out to be quite a big month for beauty. From the Jackie Aina x Too Faced Born This Way shade expansion launch to ColourPop's No Filter line launching, there's some major beauty launches. Another? The new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection. With everything launching this month, though, should you spend your hard earned cash on the new Hill created collection of shadows? That's where reviews come in. These 7 Vault Collection reviews will help you decide if this collaboration is worth it.

If you're not filled in on all the details about the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection, there are a couple of key things to know. The first is that unlike Hill's last work with Morphe, this isn't just one palette. Instead, it's four different palettes featuring four different color stories: purple, yellow, green, and red. The shadows inside the palettes are actually shades that Hill created for her first palette but just didn't make the cut for the 35-pan original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collab. Now, they're seeing the light of day.

If you love the original and are stoked about the Vault Collection, you'll be able to shop the guru and brand's latest work together beginning June 26. On that day, you've got options. If only one or two of the palettes really speak to you, they'll be sold individually for $15. If you're a hardcore Hillster, though, you can get all four palettes for only $49.

Update: On June 21, Morphe announced the release of Hill's Vault Collection would be delayed due to "inconsistent production" of the palettes. There is currently no new release date.

The big question, however, is if the collection is worth it. At $15 per palette, it's hard to deny that they're kind of a steal. Outside of the price though, what's the consensus on the shadows themselves?

1. Jackie Aina

Aina mostly the Dark Magic and Armed and Gorgeous palettes. While she did admit to have a bit of difficulty blending, overall, she liked the palettes and thought the price point was definitely right for the product.

2. MakeupShayla

If you don't want to commit to all four palettes, MakeupShayla has you covered. She gives you her two most recommended palettes and points out similarities between them so you can narrow down your choice. As for her over all thoughts, like Aina, she thinks you're definitely getting your money's worth.

3. Samantha March

Curious about what all four palettes look like? Samantha March uses each of the new palettes to create four different looks. Her overall review, though? It's a mixed bag.

4. Too Much Mouth

YouTuber Shanygne also uses all four palettes to create four different looks. Her review, like many others, is mixed with her liking some of the palettes and shades and not loving others.

5. Battle For Beauty

Battle explains that she has used other palettes in the collection without much luck. However, she loved the way her look turned out. Overall, though? She didn't hate the shadows, but she didn't love them. Want more of her thoughts? Check out her video.

6. Thomas Halbert

Halbert tests tons of new launches in his video, but as for the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette, it's not his favorite, and he adds notes into the video that blending took quite a bit of time. In a note underneath his video, he actually suggests shopping the original palette instead.

7. PrincessKae

Guru Katrina explains the pros of these palettes including their price, their ease when it comes to traveling, and the color ways.

If you've been curious about the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection, these YouTube reviews may just help you decide if you want to shop them come June 26.