The Sigma Beauty Lip Switch Is Back

Beauty lovers are sure to know that holographic makeup and anything unicorn themed in is. Whether it's highlighters or brushes, the trend certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere. That's what makes Sigma's most recent news exciting. The famed Sigma Lip Switch restock is officially here, and fans will be able to snag those gorgeously holographic glosses and use them alone or as lip toppers. Basically, Monday just got a lot better for those wanting to add to what is probably their ever growing collection of holographic products.

The Sigma Beauty Lip Switch has been sold out for some time, and its return is sure to mark an exciting time for those looking to add a bit of a pop to a traditional lip look. As of press time, all four of the holographic Lip Switches were still available. Selling for only $14 per gloss, the product is a definite deal, and if you haven't hopped on board the holographic train yet, the Lip Switch may be the perfect way to test it out.

How do you use the Lip Switch, though? There are actually two different methods. Coming in four different colorways, the Lip Switches can be used to compliment a lip stick color as a lip topper in order to create a holographic effect, or users can simply wear them on their own as a gloss.

The product was named as a member of Nylon's 2016 Hit List, and it's easy to see why. The glosses are definitely unique, and with duo-chrome shades like Double Whammy and opal hues like Transcend, they're incredibly versatile as well.

While the Lip Switches are not being offered as a bundle during this restock, it shouldn't prevent fans from picking all of them up. Currently, Sigma has free shipping on orders over $50. While you'll be paying for each Lip Switch, you'll be able to pick up free shipping in the process.

If you want to pick up the newly restocked Sigma Beauty Lip Switches, head over to the brand's website now. If history tells beauty fans anything, it's that these probably won't last long.