Is TomTom A Bar Or A Restaurant? The New ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spot Is Going To Be Hip Either Way

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In the Season 5 finale of Vanderpump Rules, fans were left wondering what would happen to the bar that Lisa Vanderpump planned to open with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. After presenting them with the offer of a lifetime at Schwartz's wedding reception, it looked like all parties agreed and were excited to move forward. That was the last thing fans heard about TomTom for a while. Fortunately, the conversation has picked back up in Season 2. But is Vanderpump Rules' TomTom a restaurant or a bar?

Well, initially the project was touted as a bar and was described as such to the Toms by Vanderpump when she floated the idea to them last season. In all of the few and far between mentions of this project since then, it has been called a bar. On Monday's premiere episode for Season 6, fans finally got to see the future location of TomTom and even got a few tidbits of information into what the whole vibe of the place will end up being. When the Toms visited the location with Ken and Lisa, there was a discussion about where to place the kitchen. To me, this indicates that there will clearly be a food element to TomTom but it is still unclear whether it will be a restaurant with a focus on an upscale bar or if it will be a bar with some appetizers available on the side.

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It makes sense why the team are slowly revealing details about TomTom instead of laying out everything at once. The fact that there is some mystery surrounding the project actually makes people want to find out more, which will only benefit them in the long run when they finally open. The last official word about TomTom (or Tom & Tom, because reports have been conflicted about the name) was back in August of this year. At the time, TMZ reported that the restaurant was definitely happening and would be opening its doors right on the same West Hollywood block that PUMP and SUR call home. The site also reported that the grand opening would likely be in November, just in time for the Season 6 Vanderpump Rules premiere. Considering the month of November and the Season 6 premiere have come and gone (on Dec. 4), it doesn't look like they have a definite opening date just yet. Seeing the contentious conversation about the location's details that occurred between Sandoval and Lisa, there may have been some unexpected delays, but that is just based on what fans could see in the Season 6 premiere.

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Here is what fans did learn about TomTom: During the episode, Sandoval explained exactly what his vision was for their new place. He said that he would like a place that has a feeling of "comfortability, familiarity, and heart." He went on to say that he sees a bar that serves, "hand-crafted cocktails that are jiggered out and no over pouring..." He also mentioned that he would like to include some "televisions that look sexy." (This is a mysterious request.)

Lisa had a different take on the vibe at TomTom, saying she was feeling a place that was "romantic industrial." Basically, she was seeing somewhere that was pretty but not too pretty. Sandoval and Lisa's ideas seem to be pretty at odds with each other, so fans can really only hope that they came together on the aesthetic at some point.

Whatever the Toms' business endeavor ends up being, whether it is a bar that serves some food or a restaurant that has a special focus on cocktails, TomTom seems like it is going to be as hot a spot as SUR and PUMP.