The New ‘Vanderpump’ Restaurant Won’t Be Far From PUMP & SUR

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules has already started, not with a giant bang, but with something more akin to a volcanic eruption. Between the cheating allegations leveled against Jax, the possibility of a pregnancy, and half the group not talking to each other again, it was hard to focus on the fact that TomTom, the new Vanderpump Rules bar/restaurant that Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz will soon be opening with Lisa Vanderpump, is actually making progress to becoming an actual establishment. Fans got a first look at it in the season premiere. So, is TomTom going to be in West Hollywood with PUMP and SUR?

There hasn't been much news regarding the opening of TomTom, since the idea was floated to the Toms at Schwartz's wedding reception last season. TMZ however, was one of the outlets to give any information about the possible opening and it was reported by them that the location would be in the same West Hollywood block that PUMP and SUR opened their doors. The same article also reported that the grand opening of TomTom would likely be in November, just in time for the Season 6 Vanderpump Rules premiere. It's December and the premiere of Vanderpump Rules has come and gone, so it seems that the venture missed its original, anticipated opening. The West Hollywood location has stuck, though. When they visited the bar on the premiere episode, a caption revealed that TomTom was indeed in West Hollywood.


In last week's episode, both of the Toms took that little trip to the gutted future TomTom location, and Lisa and Ken ended up meeting up with them as well. Unfortunately, Sandoval may have actually rubbed the Vanderpumps the wrong way almost immediately because he is pretty concerned with the minutia of the bar as opposed to the big picture and is not exactly allowing Lisa and Ken to take the reigns. But it appears that some growing pains in this business relationship aren't going to tank TomTom before it can have its big West Hollywood opening. But considering Lisa and Ken have successfully opened numerous locations of bars and restaurants, maybe Sandoval should bring his criticisms down a notch and learn from them a little more.

Along with the location and the fact that it is actually happening, fans learned a little more about TomTom. During the episode, Sandoval hilariously explained what he saw when he had pictured TomTom in his mind, and Vanderpump Rules fans were collectively better for having witnessed it. He mentioned that he would like a place that has complete, "comfortability, familiarity, and heart" — a combination that does seem like it would probably be something that potential West Hollywood patrons would grab onto. Lisa had a different idea about the feel of TomTom, saying that she was envisioning a place that was not to fussy and pretty. She ended up describing her vision as, "Romantic industrial", which would be a nice fit alongside the vibes of PUMP and SUR.

Even if the Toms are having some trouble coming together with the proposed vibe of their West Hollywood establishment, it's likely to be a success if you consider Lisa's resume of restaurant and bar ownership to date. According to Sandoval, future patrons can also look forward to "hand crafted cocktails that are jiggered out, and no over pouring..." as well as sexy TVs — whatever those are.

Vanderpump fans are going to be interested in the result no matter who wins out on the decor. And with TomTom neighboring SUR and PUMP in West Hollywood, devotees could even hit all three hot spots in just one night.