Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette Is Going On Sale

If you're looking for a palette that does it all, then I have good news for you. According to Instagram, Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette's unofficial launch is almost here. The brand is giving everyone a sneak peek of the palette at an awesome price, but it will only be around for one weekend. If you're wondering if the Violet Voss Ride Or Die Palette cheaper during IMATS, the answer is yes. You'll be able to get an awesome deal at the event and online.

You might have seen some sneak peeks of this gorgeous palette floating around lately. The Ride Or Die Palette is filled with 42 gorgeous shades from bone white to true black and every single color in between. Le's just say that the name is no coincidence, because it's got everything you could possibly need. Thankfully, the long awaited launch details are here, and you're going to love them.

Instead of doing your typical online launch, they're giving some fans an opportunity to shop a little early. The Ride Or Die Palette will be available early for $68 at Los Angeles IMATS. From Jan. 12 to the 15, you'll be able to stock up on the palette at the makeup booth or online. After that, the shadows will go back in the vault and the price will go up.

While $68 seems like a lot for a palette, you have to realize how much you're getting. Broken down, the price comes out to about $1.60 a shade. Considering that it will be sold retail for $75, this is a pretty darn good price. Not to mention you'd get your hands on it before the rest of the makeup world. It's pretty much a triple whammy of greatness.

I absolutely love that you'll be able to get the awesome price at IMATS and online. It gives fans who don't have a ticket to the event a way to shop for less as well. Like I said before though, once the weekend is over the price will go up. There's also no telling when it will officially launch after that either.

Bottom line: you should save your money for IMATS weekend, because this is one launch that's definitely worth it!