Drybar Just Made A Mascara That Is A Literal Blowout For Your Lashes

IT Cosmetics

If you strugle with thin, straight lashes, Drybar might be able to help you. No, you won't get a blowout for your eyelashes, but the premier blow dry bar will be able to help you pump up the volume. The IT Cosmetics x Drybar collaboration might sound like it's a partnership made out of left field, but both brands specialize in thickening and volumizing so it makes a certain kind of sense.

IT Cosmetics has partnered with Drybar to create the new Lash Blowout All Day-Lift & Salon Volume Mascara that will add some oomph to your lash line. “There are a lot of parallels between the two because lashes are hair,” CEO of Drybar Alli Webb told PopSugar. “Everybody wants big hair, just like everybody wants big lashes.”

According to Lash Blowout's press release, the mascara formula brings the benefits of a salon blowout to your lashes, and the wand was inspired by the science behind barrel brushes. "Its specially designed wand features microspheres to gently catch all of your lashes for effortless root-to-tip application," the release reads.

The mascara formula is all about strengthening the hairs of your lashes. The mascara is formulated with biotin, which is known to help improve hair health. It is also packed with collagen, which provides amino acids that can help build hair; vitamin E which has antioxidants that reduce cell damage and improve hair growth; and jojoba oil which is full of vitamins and minerals that nourish hair. The mascara also has transparent polymers that volumize, color, and lengthen lashes all at once.

IT Cosmetics

While the formula seems to be all about hair health and getting your best lashes yet, the design of the mascara tube is just as hair-themed. The tube is made to look like Drybar's signature yellow hairbrushes. The tube is like the handle of a round bristle brush, and the cap looks like the barrel of the iconic Drybar brush.

While the bottle looks like a blowout brush, the actual wand of the mascara uses barrel brush technology to capture each one of your lashes and lift. The mascara wand has small yellow balls on the tips of the bristles that help with separation. This is the same science behind hair brushes with micro balls on their bristles.

IT Cosmetics

The mascara is dropping soon, so you won't have long to wait before trying this innovative new technology. The mascara retails for $25 and is available Aug. 1 at Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's. It will also be available at and

If $25 seems a bit out of your budget, there is a great deal that will let you get two mascara tubes for almost the price of one. On QVC, you can pre-order the mascara and get two tubes for $29.96. Normally two tubes would cost $50, so this is quite the steal.

If you want to give your lashes a volumizing blowout, you can't do much better than the new IT Cosmetics x Drybar mascara.