Ivanka Instagrams Trump Beaming Over White House Balcony The Day After "Dump"-Gate

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A day after it was reported that President Donald Trump supposedly talked trash to members of his New Jersey golf club and called the White House a "real dump," Ivanka Trump instagram-ed a photo of Trump all-smiles at the White House. Also on Wednesday, Trump denied ever calling the White House a "dump," decrying the reports as "Fake News."

The Instagram post subtly (or not) seemed like it was showing off her dad's love for his new home. It read:

Leaving dinner at the White House with @erictrump and @laraleatrump. Thank you dad!

Under a grainy filter, it seems to dare people to continue to believe that this broad-smiling POTUS leaning over the balcony (standing sort of near what looks like historic architecture) could call the building that's housed the majority of U.S. presidents "a real dump" to justify multiple golfing trips to his own properties. Ivanka's post also tagged her brother, Eric, and his wife Lara Trump, who just launched a "Real News" Facebook show on POTUS' page that same day.

And, late-Wednesday evening, Trump himself took to his Twitter to defend himself and deny the claims that he talked trash about his new residence. He tweeted:

I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen. But Fake News said I called it a dump - TOTALLY UNTRUE

GOLF magazine first reported the alleged trash talk on Tuesday, claiming that he said "that White House is a real dump" to fellow club members a National Bedminster Club in Bedminster, New Jersey to justify his golfing trips. However, a White House spokesperson denied that it happened.

GOLF noted that Trump has visited that particularly club at least four times during the first half-year of his presidency (though he's made more than dozens of golf trips in total), staying in his own cottage next to the club's pool which is protected by a perimeter of U.S. Secret Service.

The comments roused criticism from Twitter, that argued it was both offensive to the people who work in the White House and that the comments would'n't have gone over nearly as well if it had been made by his predecessor. It also inspired a "thank-you" tweet from Chelsea Clinton, to the staff who work to maintain the White House.

While there's no way to really know whether Trump is regularly calling the historic mansion — with its whopping 132 room , 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels in it — "a dump," Ivanka's Instagram seems to be working just shy of too hard to prove the contrary.