Ja Rule Finally Responds To Fyre Festival's Cancellation

by Ashley Rey
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thousands of concert goers anticipating an exclusive musical event are now stranded on a Bahamian island, and, according to Ja Rule, it's not entirely his fault. On Friday afternoon, Ja Rule made a statement about Fyre Festival's cancellation via his Twitter page. And, if I'm being honest, it feels a bit incomplete.

Fyre Festival's official website stated that the "physical infrastructure" not being in place on time is to blame for the festival flop, but claims that the organizers were inexperienced and ill-prepared have been circulating as many attendees take to social media to complain. So, it's safe to say that trying to find where to lay the blame for these events is shaping up to harder task than many have bargained for. While Ja Rule claims to be "taking responsibility" in his statement, he doesn't mention that until he deflects the blame a bit, writing how he doesn't "know how everything went so left." For that reason, his statement might cause more frustration than it eases.

To be fair, the rapper does mention that he'll return at a later date with another statement. But his current one spends too much time dancing around the issue at hand, instead of giving the facts that so many have been anticipating.

Similarly, Fyre Festival's statement blames "circumstances outside of [their] control" for the incident while failing to give an actual explanation. Their Instagram statement read,

"Fyre Festival set out to provide a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience on the islands of Exuma. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we must postpone this experience. We are working tirelessly to ensure each guest leaves the island safely and ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation as we continue to provide ongoing updates via email and our official social media channels as they become available, including refund information."

The Island of the Bahamas' social media account made a statement of their own, which read:

As of now, disorganization, inexperience, and infrastructure are the common themes in all reports surrounding this unfortunate experience. And although they all seem to disagree on where the actual responsibility should lie, Ja Rule, Fyre Festival, and The Bahamas are all doing one thing right — and that's placing the safe return of their visitors as a top priority.