Jackie Goldschneider's 'RHONJ' Instagram Proves This Mommy Blogger Never Takes A Day Off

Greg Endries/Bravo

New Housewives need a few weeks to break themselves in to Real Housewives fans, because being new and fresh on a reality show comes with quite a learning curve. So far, Jackie Mark Goldschneider has taken it all in stride — two episodes in on her first season of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, and this woman seems unflappable. It’s probably because she has four kids — two sets of twins under the age of ten, which is not an easy feat. In fact, Jackie Goldschneider’s Instagram shows that when it comes to friends and family, she can handle it all.

Jackie is a real estate agent-turned-parenting blogger (she’s written for her own blog, Into The Mommy Brain, which is no longer on the Internet, and for the Huffington Post, among other sites, too), which lends itself nicely to taking on trolls and screaming Housewives. In a recent interview with Bustle, Jackie talked about how she handles the comments section.

“I’ve definitely [have had] to respond to some very negative opinions about my writing, so I’ve learned on a much smaller scale, I’m sure, to tune out really negative voices and how to respond to people that don’t agree with me,” she said. “I actually enjoy when people don’t agree with me because it gives me a chance to hear another side.”

It's those kids, according to Jackie's recent Bravo blog post, that keep her going, too. "My proudest achievement is my children. Four young kids can be a handful, and I do my fair share of barking at them as most moms do," she writes. "But our days are filled with love and laughter, and they are kind, generous, amazing little people. Their daddy, my husband Evan, is also to thank for that. He is everything I ever wished for – and not bad to look at either."

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of Jackie's most recent Instagram posts and see how she and her "handful" are doing.

Mom's Night Out

Hey, every mom deserves a break once in a while — here, Jackie is ready to see a pal or two and her kids look ready for a sleepover. But who will have more fun? That's hard to say.

A Sporty Family Outing

Sorry to any other Big Ten fans, but the Goldschneiders are University Of Michigan people. Here they are celebrating (maybe) a win.

Happy Halloween

Jackie's kids are not at the age where they'll want matching costumes, so we have a soccer player, Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, and... a werewolf? I guess Dr. Evil and Austin Powers are at least coordinating.

A Little Parental Relaxation

Jackie's gushed about how great a father her husband is, but you can't be parents all the time. How about a little time on the beach with just her and her hubs? (Don't worry — the kids are probably right next to them in the sand. But parents can dream.)

Jackie is clearly a mom first and a Housewife second, and it's so much fun to see just how cute her energetic brood is.