Here’s When Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Will Restock

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' restock will be on Dec. 5.
Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics/Instagram

Your Black Friday shopping spread sheet may already be full, and you may have already hit a couple of stores on your quest for the best deal, but if you're a fan of YouTuber Jaclyn Hill, save some room. Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' restock is coming just in time for Christmas, and if you wanted one of her new highlighters, be careful not to spend all your cash on Black Friday.

Hill's eponymous beauty brand had its official relaunch on Nov. 26, and fans were ready to support their favorite guru's new products. The Jaclyn Cosmetics Holiday Collection featured three highlight formulas: Mood Light, Accent Light, and Beaming Light. As of press time, all three formulas have multiple shades sold out on the website, and even some of the bundles — which include Hill's new brushes — are also sold out. If you weren't able to get the shade you wanted in one of the three formulas or you missed out on one of the bundled sets that you had imagined under your Christmas tree, Hill and her brand already have a restock planned for you.

According to an Instagram post from Jaclyn Cosmetics, the entire holiday collection, including all three highlight formulas, bundles, and brushes will restock on Dec. 5 at 9 A.M. PT, just in time for Christmas.

In a now expired Instagram story posted to her account, Hill thanked fans for their support of the collection and revealed that the quick sellout time surprised her. On her Twitter, Hill retweeted a fan's comment that her Accent Light Highlight Palette in The Flash sold out in just two minutes. While The Flash was Hill's fastest selling product, it wasn't the only item that didn't last long.

Lighter shades in her Mood Light Luminous Loose Powder were also fast to go with only two of the five shades currently available on the site. The same can be said of her Beaming Light Loose Highlighter. As of press time, only a single shade of the ultra-glowy formula remains.

As for what's next for Hill's eponymous cosmetics brand, there's been no word. However, when her cosmetics line initially launched over the summer, she revealed in a YouTube Video that she already had other collections and plans for her brand. While she was open about the need to change elements of her production process due to the customer claims regarding her nude lipsticks, that doesn't mean that more couldn't be coming soon from the brand and guru.

While your Black Friday haul may be massive, if you want to snag the sold out shades in Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' highlighter collection, stash some cash and wait until Dec. 5.