Here's When Jaclyn Hill Is Officially Relaunching Her Makeup Line

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' relaunch is happening on Nov. 26.
Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics/Instagram

Beauty brands are having Black Friday sales, Tati Beauty is launching a new product on the shopping holiday, and now, there's another major beauty event happening, and your wallet should be prepared. The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics relaunch has a date, and the beauty brand owner is already giving her fans some hints about what's to come.

On Nov. 11, a shiny new logo popped up on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Instagram. The animated image of a "J" was captioned, "The future is bright," but it also included a date, Nov. 26 insinuating that Hill's eponymous beauty brand will be returning just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Following the first post, the brand added a product tease. In a short clip posted to the brand's IG feed, Hill appears alongside several models in what can only be described as a brilliant highlight. Given that the new post was captioned, "Light up the room," and included the same date, it seems all but assured that Hill's brand will be moving into highlighters for a holiday launch.

As for the responses on the post, they show just how excited the YouTube guru's fan are about the brand's return. Many responses included praise for Hill for relaunching her brand alongside cries that they were ready to shop whatever the new product may be.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' highlighter launch isn't much of a surprise given the influencer's long love affair with the product. Not only has she continued to extol the beauty of a glow, but she's responsible for one of the beauty industry's most well-known highlighters, Champagne Pop.

Back in July 2015, Hill teamed up with BECCA Cosmetics to release her own shade of the brand's pressed powder highlight. Her creation was a shimmering, golden undertoned powder named Champagne Pop, and it flew off shelves. Not only did it eventually become a permanent item in Becca's lineup, but the brand teamed up with Hill a second time to launch an entire Champagne Pop collection.

In 2019, the highlighter is still on shelves and still listed as the brand's bestselling shade.

The last launch for Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was its collection of 20 nude lipsticks back in May. However, soon after the products reached customers, complaints began alleging that fibers and beads could be found in the lipsticks. Ultimately, Hill addressed customer complaints, apologized for what she considered to be below standard products, and issued refunds to every person who bought the lipsticks regardless of whether they were satisfied or not.

Now, Hill's eponymous brand is making its return with a seeming new product. For her fans, the news couldn't be more exciting.