Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner's Relationship Couldn't Be More Different From 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

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Jamie Dornan may play a total commitment-phobe in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, however the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. It turns out that the Irish actor is a happily married family man and it’s a big departure from his character Christian Grey; though IMO it’s a different kind of sexy and I’m totally here for it. He and his wife Amelia Warner seem to be utterly loved up and it was recently revealed that they would soon be getting a new addition to the family as she’s pregnant. Unlike other celeb couples, Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner’s relationship seems relatively low-key and private though the My Dinner with Hervé actor has opened up about their romance in the past.

According to the Independent, Dornan has been in a relationship with British musician Warner since 2010, and the pair married in 2012. Their love story began back in 2007 when Grazia claims they met at a party. Once a couple, they later moved in together in Notting Hill. (My inner Notting Hill fangirl is seething with jealousy.) He revealed he was completely and utterly enamoured with her from the moment they met.

Dornan told the Belfast Telegraph, “I was smitten with her from the start, I really was. I’m more in love with her today than I was at the start.”

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The couple already have two daughters: four-year-old Dulcie and two-year-old Elva. Dornan told the Irish Independent back in 2015 that they “would like to have more children” and it seems like their dreams are coming true, as E! News confirmed earlier this October that Amelia Warner is pregnant with their third child.

It sounds like everything’s coming up roses for the couple, which is a big achievement given that there’s currently a massive spotlight on Jamie Dornan thanks to his role on Fifty Shades. In fact, Warner revealed that the couple have been able to avoid any negativity tied to the franchise for the most part.

She told the Independent, “Nothing has really changed in our lives since Fifty Shades. The biggest change for us was having kids. We now live in the Cotswolds, rather than London. We are very removed from all the hype. I don’t see that stuff in the papers.”

In fact, she doesn’t see much of Fifty Shades as all, as she explained to the paper that she hasn’t watched any of the films that made her husband a household name but that’s “not to say [she] won’t”.

In all honesty, she’s probably too busy with her own career in the music industry, where she performs under the name Slow Moving Millie, to pay much attention to the press. She had a pretty hectic 2017, as she released a new EP called Visitors and also created the soundtrack for the period drama Mary Shelley starring Elle Fanning, Maisie Williams, and Douglas Booth. She also created the music for the 2011 John Lewis ad, where she covered The Smiths' "Please, Please, Please let me get what I want."

Prior to tying the knot with Jamie Dornan, the Independent reports Warner was previously (kinda) married in a “non-legal ceremony” to another familiar Irish face — Colin Farrell. Their 2002 relationship didn’t last long however, as they broke up four months later.

If you had any doubt that Dornan was a pretty involved dad, he recently opened up on The Ellen Show about the preparation for his eldest daughter Dulcie’s birthday parties. He revealed that she was pretty partial to Winnie the Pooh and that they’d had a couple of parties themed around the gang in the Hundred Acre Wood, which sounds like it was more fun for him than it was for her TBH.

"So I’m Tigger every year," he told the host, who then pulled up a massive photo on the screen behind them of Dornan dressed in a Tigger costume.

He clearly had a lot of fun at Dulcie’s bash and kept the party going long after the guests had left, as he admitted, "I’m drunk in that picture. That’s not early on, that’s after the kids have gone."

Sadly however, Dornan has had to hang up his Tigger outfit as Dulcie’s apparently moved on from Winnie the Pooh. He explained that for her upcoming fifth birthday, she had chosen a disco theme after finding a very retro light in the Dornan household and became obsessed with it. TBH after Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, I’m all for a revival of the genre and I stan this disco queen's taste.

He doesn’t seem super jazzed though, as he joked, "We’re all going to gather around a light and eventually bring in a cake."

I mean, I get it. It’s not quite on the same level as getting drunk in a Tigger costume. He admitted glumly, ‘I was quite said about [the end of the] Winnie the Pooh thing. I quite enjoyed that.’

He’s not the only one sad about saying goodbye to a beloved character, as Fifty Shades fans had to bid his popular character Christian Grey adieu earlier this year. Dornan officially hung up Christian Grey’s leather riding crops and silky blindfolds in Fifty Shades Freed, the final instalment of the franchise.

Although I’m sad we’re not going to get anymore sexy and semi-ridiculous Christian Grey escapades, I’m pretty keen to see Jamie Dornan in his new film My Dinner with Hervé

It’s a very different role from the brooding businessman he played in Fifty Shades. Dornan stars as a journalist called Danny and the entire film is based around his interview with Herve Villechaize, just before the actor died by suicide. It’ll be interesting to see how Dornan’s serious acting chops hold up and especially see how he and his co-star Peter Dinklage (from Game of Thrones) bring the story to life.

My Dinner with Hervé airs Monday Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on Sky Atlantic.