Janina Gavankar Helped Meghan Markle On Her Wedding Day In This Totally Relatable Way

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29 million people reportedly tuned in to watch Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get married on May 19. But, with friends like Janina Gavankar around her, Meghan Markle's royal wedding didn't feel like it was televised to so many people for those attending. While recently chatting with Bustle about her new movie Blindspotting, out July 20, Gavankar revealed that while the royal wedding seemed huge and "massive" to all of us watching at home, it actually felt very intimate to those there.

"I just cared about Meg," the Blindspotting actor tells Bustle about attending the wedding. For her, it wasn't about scoring an invite or getting recognition during the television broadcast — she was there purely for her friend's special day, even joking that she'd help her with anything she needed day-of, already knowing that Markle probably had everything she could have ever asked for.

But that's just typical friend behavior. Any other close friends can totally relate. And it's the little things that you sometimes remember most. Markle will probably never forget how Gavankar extended a helping hand on her special day and the act speaks to the type of relationship they have — a genuine one.

Their relationship is so authentic that Gavankar didn't even announce she was attending the biggest wedding of the year. In fact, when she showed up, plenty of people didn't even know who she was. "So the reason that happened [everyone wondering who the mysterious woman in the orange dress was] is because I was the only person who didn’t tell my publicists to announce that I was going [to the royal wedding]," she says.

For the 37-year-old, she was simply attending a friend's wedding. "In some ways, I was so naive," Gavankar admits. "I’ve been in this business so long, but this wasn’t a business thing! This wasn’t a Hollywood thing! This was just a wedding, y’all! So I didn’t think that I needed to announce that I was going."

"What you do when you go to a 'Hollywood thing' is you have your publicists tell the event staff that you are going," she explains further. "So when you hit the red carpet, there’s a piece of paper that has your face and your name underneath it so all the photographers and the camera people or the commentators know who you are and you’re not a stranger to them. It’s like a cheat sheet. I was the only idiot who didn’t tell anybody."

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Admittedly, Gavankar had no idea so much focus would be on the guests, specifically celebrities and royal family members. "I never thought there would be cameras on us. So why would they care about us? We’re not getting married!" Gavankar even admits she's somewhat "embarrassed" by not realizing how massive the event was going to be with media covering the arrival of everyone, not just Harry and Markle.

Despite all of that, though, Gavankar describes the wedding as "intimate," because that's how Markle makes those she cares about feel — important. She says, "From the outside it looked massive, but from the inside, it felt pretty intimate. It felt tiny even though it was gigantic..."

And at the end of the day, that's what matters most. Sharing a beautiful and important moment of your life with those you love, and, well, in this particular case, 29 million other people.

Reporting by Tatiana Tenreyro.

Clarification: This piece was updated after further clarification from Gavankar about the royal wedding.