These Photos From Brittany & Jax's Bachelor Party With The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Are So Epic

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

The wedding of the century is almost here, and our fair Pumpers are behaving accordingly, i.e., the Sexy Unique Revelers are in Miami right now for Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor's joint bachelor/bachelorette party. If there's one thing the videos and photos of Brittany and Jax's bachelor and bachelorette party tell us, it is that the next season of Vanderpump Rules will waste no time in delivering some classic Sexy Unique Debauchery. I've yet to meet a Pump Rules bachelor/bachelorette party trip I didn't like, and I look forward to seeing Jax and Brittany's bachelor/bachelorette party trip (not to be confused with their other bachelor and bachelorette parties) on my TV set.

Before we continue, it is worth mentioning that Bravo has not made any official announcements about Season 8. However, the cast sure has: As several of the stars have indicated on social media and podcasts, they started filming again last month. And I would bet 100,000 goat cheese balls that Jax and Brittany’s joint bachelor and bachelorette party will be on the next season, because there's no way the show would pass on that primo content, right? Try to picture a universe in which the Pumpers fly to Miami during Pump Rules filming season without a camera crew. Terrifying, right? Like something out of Are You Afraid of the Dark? or a Goosebumps book. Fortunately, that (probably) won't happen, so we’ve (probably) got nothing to worry about.

Now that the question of “will Season 8 or won’t Season 8?” is (probably) out of the way, it is time to dig into some Jax and Brittany joint bachelor and bachelorette party content. Ready to see what Brittany, Jax, Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, Lala Kent, and Scheana Marie have been up to in Miami this week? Let's goooooo.

Here Is Brittany With Her First Shot Of The Trip

That sash was the first of many bachelorette party-themed accessories.

Here Are Brittany & Her Bridesmaids In Wedding Dresses

If we do not get to see the women of Pump Rules tromping around the streets of Miami in wedding gowns on the show, I will write at least one letter.

Here Are Kristen & Scheana In Their Bachelorette Gowns

Scheana appears to be wearing a pair of high-waisted ruffly wedding shorts and I am very here for it.

Here Is Brittany In Her Bachelorette Gown

Really into the evening gloves.

Here Is Stassi In Her Bachelorette Gown

Don't worry, Stassi left her "shot in the head chic" makeup at home.

Here's Jax & His Bachelor Party Buddies

Is that sky real? Can I marry that sky?

Here's Jax Soaking Up His Favorite City In The World

What are the odds that Jax will tattoo "#jaxgotitwright" to his chest before the wedding?

Here Are Stassi & Beau On A Boat

No joint bachelor/bachelorette party is complete without... hashtag sunglasses? Sure!

Here Is Scheana On A Boat

All this pic is missing is Tom Sandoval's fishing knife.

Here Is Kristen In Front of A Tree

The tree is not on a boat.

Here Are Tom, Tom, & Jax On A Boat

Everyone really brought their A game with these boat outfits.

Here Are The Toms Dancing On A Boat

Oh, those two.

Seriously though, this trip better be featured on Season 8. You won't like me when I'm hangry... for Pump Rules joint bachelor/bachelorette party content.