Jax Taylor Has Some Words For Nick Viall

by Kristie Rohwedder
Charles Sykes/Bravo

You know who probably didn’t watch Nick Viall pop the big Q to Vanessa Grimaldi on The Bachelor season finale? Vanderpump Rules supernova and Viall hater Jax Taylor. “Who cares who ends up with that tool nick,” Taylor tweeted Monday evening. “Somebody please ask him for a picture and say its for jax.”

Taylor's dig at Viall didn't come out of the blue: The tweet is a callback to his appearance on last week’s episode of The Daily Dish podcast. Near the top of the ep, the Pumper said things took a turn for the heated when he met Viall at a mutual friend's hotel opening party. Apparently, Taylor suggested they combine their reality star power, snap a pic together, and promote their pal’s business on social media. But according to Taylor, this request didn't go well.

“I pulled [Viall] aside … and I go, ‘Hey, listen, why don’t we take [a photo] together for our buddy so he can post something,’” Taylor recalled. “And he’s like, ‘Jax, I don’t take pictures and post things on social media. I don’t do that.’”

When Viall apparently refused to snap the photo, Taylor let it rip: “First of all, buddy, don't toot your own horn. I have no f*cking idea who you are.” And then, he really let it rip: Taylor called Viall a “f*cking piece of sh*t,” a “f*cking d-bag,” and an “a**hole” who “is on a disposable reality show and will be gone in five minutes and no one will know who [he is].” Hell hath no fury like a Jax Taylor scorned.

“He just rubbed me the wrong way,” Taylor explained. “Yeah, I was a little drunk. But the way you approach the situation like you’re too cool, you’re not too cool. You’re on The Bachelor … Ride your wave now and get out there on social media. That’s all you have.”

I realize there are three sides to every story (for starters, I’d love to hear avid social media user Viall explain what he meant when he allegedly said he doesn’t do social media), but dang if I do not love Taylor’s version of events. You can listen to Taylor’s rousing story below.

The Viall anecdote begins at the 8:08 mark.

Here's what I'm pulling for:

  1. I hope Stassi Schroeder invites fellow Pumper Taylor and previous guest Viall to appear on her podcast together. Maybe they’d hash things out, maybe they wouldn’t. Either way, it’d be great content.
  2. I hope all of this inspires Ryan Murphy to create Feud: Jax and Nick.

That’s it. Just two humble, totally reasonable wishes. No big deal.