These Videos Of Alex Rodriguez Pranking Jennifer Lopez Over Thanksgiving Are Too Funny

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It turns out celebs can be pretty gullible, too. On Friday, Alex Rodriguez pranked Jennifer Lopez with a mentalist, and the gag will make you laugh so hard. The prank took place during a dinner party, and A-Rod enlisted the help of Mentalist Lior Suchard for the trick. Suchard had Lopez follow him as he walked around the table and tapped guests on their backs. Then, after making the rounds, he told everyone to look and listen to him. When he snapped his fingers, the guests all put their heads down at once. J. Lo reacted by gasping and putting a hand over her mouth in shock, and the response is honestly understandable. Luckily, the couple's family and friends told the star it was a prank right away, and everyone had a good laugh about it.

Rodriguez and Suchard both shared a video of the prank on Instagram. Rodriguez wrote: "Psyche! Thanks to my good friend 'Master Mentalist' Lior Suchard for helping us have a little fun with JLo tonight. #GoodSport." Suchard also posted the video with a funny message, writing: "After an evening of mind reading and mind influencing, we all had to do something.....special :)))))" It's clear that the prank made the couple's night, and that even Lopez thought it was hilarious.

Lopez didn't post the prank on her own Instagram, but she did share a video of Suchard playing a mind game with Rodriguez. In the clip, the mentalist shows everyone a card with a word or phrase on it. After "confusing" Rodriguez, he tries to read the card but he can only say gibberish. In the background, the couple's family and friends can be heard cracking up laughing. Lopez captioned the funny video: "I'm sorry WHAT??!!! Lior Suchard is the most amazing mentalist!! We had the most amazing time watching him do what he does the way only he can!! If you don’t know about him... you need to!!"

It seems the evening was a good time for the mentalist as well. He even shared a message of gratitude for the couple having him over. Suchard posted a selfie taken with Rodriguez and Lopez, writing: "What an amazing evening of wonder, astonishment and fun in thanks giving. Great to meet new friends." The dinner party was not the first time Suchard has used his mind tricks on major stars. The mentalist is a recurring guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In 2017, Suchard appeared alongside America Ferrera on the show, and the year before he also performed several mind games with Alice Eve and Harry Connick Jr. He also performed at Kanye West's birthday party this year.

Exploring the world of mentalism was just one part of J. Lo and A-Rod's holiday weekend. The two stars were spending quality time with family, and they shared a few special moments on social media. On Thanksgiving, Rodriguez posted a picture with Lopez, and their children from previous relationships. The caption read:

"Thankful for mornings like this with the ones I love most. I am truly blessed. #HappyThanksgiving to all of you and your families."

This sweet couple has only gotten stronger over the years. Even though these two have known each other since 2005, Lopez and Rodriguez only began dating in early 2016 after reuniting outside a restaurant in Los Angeles, according to Cosmopolitan. In November of 2017, the couple confirmed that their kids had met with a post on Instagram. It's clear the relationship had become more serious, and a year later these two are still happy together.

Rodriguez and Lopez's posts from over the long holiday weekend shows that they're still having so much fun together. The couple were able to make each other laugh a lot over the holiday, and fans can likely look forward to more funny and sweet moments between them during the rest of the holiday season.