These Photos From Kanye West's Birthday Bash Will Give You Serious FOMO

by Emily Mae Czachor
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Kanye West turned 41 on June 8, and in classic Kanye fashion, he rang in the new year with a star-studded birthday bash for the ages. Of course his party included several of his famous in-laws. Judging by their social media activity, it looks like the Kardashians celebrated Kanye West's b-day with lots of Ye-inspired goodies, some positive thinking, and a little bit of magic. A whole roster of Hollywood A-listers came out to the event, which took place Saturday night, June 9, where they were treated to Kanye cookies and so much.

For all the readers currently wondering what on earth Kanye-themed pastries could possibly have to do with magic tricks, the answer is probably best explained visually. Luckily, a pretty comprehensive picture of what exactly went down during Kanye's birthday party is more or less available on Instagram, where the Kar-Jenner sisters posted snapshots from the birthday festivities throughout the evening. The vast majority of those stories and photos came from Kim Kardashian, whose Instagram story is currently chock-full of photos and videos from her husband's big event. A quick scan through Kim's lengthy IG story confirms that sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were also in attendance, though their respective Instagram stories tout noticeably less Kanye-related content than Kim's.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram Story

Based on what we know from social media, it looks like the superstar musician's 41st birthday party was a true celebration of all things Kanye. Several videos that appeared on Kim's Instagram Story Saturday night reveal that the evening's soundtrack consisted of at least a couple Kanye songs, though the evening's aggressively Ye-inspired decor suggests that perhaps there might've been a few more than that. Per a few shots from both Kim and Kendall's Instagram stories, Kanye's birthday cake looked like a sort of real-life rendering of the Wyoming mountain range that appears on his latest album cover.

Suffice to say, pretty much everything about the evening's aesthetic managed to scream "Kanye," from the ultra-sleek seating arrangements to the distinctly Kanye-style treats. As if his themed birthday cake wasn't celebratory enough already, guests could also indulge in a variety of sweets stamped with Kanye's likeness, including what looks like some kind of Ye-stamped frothy drink (like an artisanal latte, but featuring Kanye's face as the design) and a stockpiling of over-sized cookies quite literally shaped like his face.

Hey, it's the rapper's birthday, and honestly, it sounds like he did things right.

Instagram/Kendall Jenner
Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian
Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim's exhaustive Instagram coverage reveals that the evening's stacked roster of invitees was joined by the likes of Lior Suchard, who Kim describes as a "mentalist" in one of her Instagram videos. "So we have Lior here all the way from Tel Aviv, who is a mentalist," Kim said, introducing the entertainer while he deftly executed a magic trick (flipping over a pair of glasses situated on the table in front of him without so much as touching them) for Kanye on-camera.

Suchard wowed audiences with a variety of magic tricks throughout the evening, one of which, apparently, involved Kendall. Unfortunately, only those who scored an invite to Kanye's bash actually witnessed how that particular trick played out in real time. But if Kim's exceedingly thorough Instagram activity is any indication, it seems safe to say that Suchard's mental gymnastics — as well as his apparent penchant for the powers of positive thinking — were a pretty big hit across the board Saturday night.

Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Suchard seemed to confirm that himself on social media, when he shared a selfie that shows him standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Kourtney, Kim, and Kendall. "Thinking...celebrating...and reading positive thoughts with @kimkardashian @kendalljenner @kourtneykardash," Suchard's caption reads, contextualizing the group's matching pose.

Those who follow the Kar-Jenner clan's famed mom-ager know that Kris Jenner didn't post any photos from her son-in-law's birthday bash to social media over the weekend. Kris still wished Kanye a happy birthday, though, via an incredibly sweet message shared with her Instagram following on Friday, June 8.

"Happy birthday to my son Kanye!!" she wrote, accompanying a heartwarming video clip of Kris planting a motherly smooch on Kanye's cheek while the rapper grins. "Thank you for being a constant inspiration, for being the most wonderful father, friend, husband and son. I am so blessed to have you in my life." Kris wrapped up the birthday message with a hashtag that pretty much says it all: #proudmama.

So, who else is currently wishing they could've traded in their Saturday evening plans to indulge in some Kanye-shaped pastries and a few magic tricks, instead? Fans might not have gotten to witness Kanye's 41st birthday bash in real life, but thanks to the Kar-Jenners and their seemingly limitless capacity for using social media, at least we can still relive the evening virtually on Instagram.