Jennifer Lopez's 50 Inch Hair Extensions Are So Long She Actually Looks Like Rapunzel

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When it comes to Jennifer Lopez and beauty, it's probably safe to say that she's most well-known for her gorgeous glowing skin. She's got that dewy, highlighted look down. Now, though, she's making headlines for something else: her hair. J.Lo's 50 inch hair extensions are a new level of drama for a the performer, and honestly, those extensions looks low-key kind of aggravating.

On Thursday, Lopez attended the Latin Billboard Music Awards, and as usual, she looked stunning. In a long sleeved sequin mini-dress and heels that would make even the most coordinated of people trip and fall, she slayed the carpet. The element of her look that was the most awe worthy, though, wasn't her next-level glowing skin or those platform heels, it was her hair, her very, very long hair. We're talking can't sit down without sitting on it long hair. It's a true Rapunzel moment for the singer, and honestly, she crushed it.

How do fans know those extensions were a whopping 50 inches? It's all thanks to celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. The talented stylist works with major celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, two other women who know how to rock long hair. Now, it's clearly Lopez's turn.

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While from the front Lopez just looks like she's rocking long, stick straight hair, it's a totally different story when the hair falls to the front of her face.

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The hair is actually longer than her dress people. Now, that's a look.

As for how Lopez felt? She captioned an image of her whipping her hair with a mermaid emoji, and honestly, with her glittering frock, that also totally makes sense alongside the Rapunzel comparison.

The red carpet wasn't the only place that Lopez rocked her long, lucious locks. She also took the stage at the Latin Billboard awards, and during her El Anillo performance, she rocked a ponytail that even Ariana Grande would be jealous of.

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Now that is hair, right?

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This is the hair of a true legend.

Apparently, the long locks are now totally a look for the music artist, dancer, and actor. She released her music video for her single "El Anillo," and while it's hard to get over her being a badass goddess queen in the video, if you can get over the incredible theatrics of the video, you'll see that she's also rocking the nearly floor-length hair in the video (as any good goddess should, really).

While Lopez's 50 inch extensions are next level for the star, long hair is truly not a surprise. She's actually kind of one of the queens of lucious locks.

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At the Time 100 event, her chic, slick back ponytail basically reached her waist.

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During her performance at Super Saturday Night pre-Super Bowl Sunday, Lopez crushed her performance with a full head of hair, completely loose and blowing in a breeze like she's from another world (and at this point, she just may be).

When does Lopez switch up her long styles? It seems like it all dependent on her career, and given her diverse portfolio of jobs, that actually makes total sense.

Lopez has been filming Second Act, a film slated to come out later this year, and based on stills that she has posted to her Instagram as well as a poster for the movie, her hair appears to be just believe her shoulders for the role.

Then, of course, there's her work on NBC's Shades of Blue. In the show, Lopez plays cop Harlee Santos, and for the role, her hair is curly and markedly shorter than any other time she's seen.

The truth, however, is that no matter how Lopez chooses to wear her hair, she always looks stunning, but hey, everyone loves a Rapunzel moment, right?