J. Lo's Music Video Hairstyles Ranked

Since just before the turn of the century, Jennifer Lopez has been gracing our screens and making sweet music for our ears. Something of a style icon, this glamorous goddess inspired many a Millennial growing up, especially when it came to Jennifer Lopez's music video hairstyles. Much like the other pop princesses of the '90s and early '00s, Ms. Lopez mixed up her signature look in her music videos, often sporting more than one 'do in a single song. She's no stranger to flaunting a wig like her pop peers — here's looking at Britney Spears circa "Toxic" — and she looks equally fabulous with faux hair as she does with her own.

IMO, J. Lo's signature look is comprised of super long locks paired with a baseball cap. However, Jenny From The Block has experimented with a variety of hairstyles and surprised us multiple times by completely changing her look. J. Lo has rocked short hair, she's flirted with wearing a ponytail on multiple occasions, and she even looked lovely with a lob. She's a great inspiration to women everywhere when it comes to trying new styles and mixing up their looks.

So here's a peak at J. Lo's music video hairstyles, ranked from the so-so to the so-totally-awesome.

17. The Plain Pigtails

Although this is a really cute style on J. Lo in her 1998 music video for "Baila," it's a little too safe for this pop legend. That being said, she was just starting out! So I'll let her off.

16. The "Caught In A Hurricane" Hairstyle

In the few moments that Jenny was motionless or not being blasted by a super powerful wind machine in "Play," this hairdo looked epic. Sadly, it was slightly overshadowed by what appeared to be the wrath of a tornado.

15. The Slicked-Back Street Style

I really enjoyed J. Lo's overall tough cookie look in the video for "I'm Real," but I thought a contrasting, decadent 'do would have suited this style more than a slicked-back bun.

14. The Ultimate Bed Head

In "Baby I Love U!" Jennifer Lopez rocked some insane bed head and looked like a total cutie.

13. The Wavy Pigtails

Carrying on the theme of looking downright adorable, Ms. Lopez paired a baby pink coat with some wavy pigtails for a super sweet look in "All I Have."

12. The Unruly Ponytail

In "Do It Well," one of J. Lo's 'dos is an unruly ponytail that makes her look like a total wild child. It's a great choice for her outfit and the song.

11. The Curly Bob

This chocolate brown bob, packed full of curls, gives J. Lo a youthful edge. It's a great style for her to wear while simultaneously sporting her heart on her sleeve in "I'm Glad."

10. The Classic J. Lo

Sleek hair with honey highlights make for what I personally recognize as a classic Jennifer Lopez 'do in "If You Had My Love."

9. The Modernized Ponytail

Sporty and chic, J. Lo knows how to revamp traditional styles and make them her own, as seen here in "I Luh Ya Papi."

8. The Platinum Pixie

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, J. Lo pulled this incredible pixie cut out of the bag in "Get Right," proving that she can literally look good with any hairstyle.

7. The Wet Look

Ms. Lopez wore a totally wet hairstyle and looked like the sauciest siren to ever swim in the seven seas during "Booty."

6. The Out Of This World Style

In the music video for "Feel the Light" for the soundtrack to animated movie Home, Jennifer Lopez wore celestial hair and makeup to complement the galactic theme of the movie.

5. The Elegant Up 'Do

J. Lo rocked a major quiff and looked like fashion royalty in her video for "Live It Up."

4. The Wonderful Wig

During "Me Haces Falta," J. Lo wears a wig that she removes halfway through the song. Depending on which angle you look at it from, it sort of resembles an untidy yet chic up 'do or a curly short bob. I just love it.

3. The Girl Next Door Bangs

Jennifer Lopez's peek-a-boo bangs in "Ain't It Funny" are simply incredible.

2. The Super Sleek Bun

J. Lo is a total star in an incredibly slick, sophisticated bun in "Jenny From The Block."

1. The Majestic Mane

Dancing, singing, and generally doing her thing, J. Lo shined as a fierce lioness in "I'm Into You."

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Images: JenniferLopezVEVO/YouTube