Jennifer Lopez Just Gave Alex Rodriguez The Most Perfect B-Day Gift

by Stephanie Downs
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Weeks after accepting a lavish gift from her beau, Jennifer Lopez is returning the favor in the form of her own over-the-top present for Alex Rodriguez. As E! News noted, Jennifer Lopez's gift for Alex Rodriguez will probably blow any other birthday presents he receives out of the water.

According to the publication, Lopez purchased a bright blue, vintage Ford Bronco for Rodriquez's 44th birthday, which was actually a couple of weeks ago on July 27. On his Instagram Story on Aug. 14, the former New York Yankees player expressed just how thrilled he was about the present, showing off the car and writing, "@jlo thank you for the best gift." Univision offered up even more details about the personalized present, including the fact that it was reportedly delivered to the couple's abode on Aug. 10 and that it's a 1974 model, making it a total classic.

Additionally, the plate on the truck contains the Yankees' logo along with the number 13, which just so happens to have been the number that Rodriguez donned during his time with the baseball team. Apparently, with the personalized details and the vintage nature of the car, Univision details that the cost of it could exceed $70,000. In other words, it was a perfect, and totally lavish, gift fit for Lopez's main man.

Alex Rodriguez/Instagram Story

The former professional baseball player later posted a video of himself and his fiancée taking a ride around the block in his new vehicle as they blasted Cardi B's "Money" (an all too appropriate song choice given the pricey gift). With Lopez right by his side in the passenger's seat, A-Rod showed off his new vintage vehicle in the Instagram clip, which he captioned with, Top down. Sunny day. Radio on. 🎶 #summerride."

Based on the gift that her beau previously got her for her own July birthday, it sounds like Lopez was simply trying to return the favor with her vintage Ford present for Rodriguez's special day. According to E! News, the athlete got the "On the Floor" singer a $140,000 Porsche for her birthday. That just makes you want to play "Money" all over again, doesn't it?

An insider shared with the publication, "A-Rod gave J.Lo a red Porsche 911 GTS convertible for her birthday," and added, "It came with a big gold bow on it and was delivered to their house this afternoon. The license plate says JLO." Interestingly enough, in a Youtube video detailing Lopez's surprise, she let one pretty major fact slip as she spoke about her present. "I've never had a car like this," she said upon seeing the vehicle for the first time, later adding, "I've never driven a car before." Well, learning to drive with your new Porsche sounds like the perfect way to start getting behind the wheel.

Rodriguez and Lopez, who recently got engaged in March, have been going strong ever since they began dating in 2017. And if their recent birthday gifts to each other are any indication, they certainly still know how to keep that luxurious spark alive.