Get Excited, 'Will & Grace' Fans: J.Lo Is Returning To The Show In Two Different Roles

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Want a reason to get loud? Jennifer Lopez is returning to Will & Grace in not just one role, but two. According to E! News, Lopez won't just reprise her previous role on the series — she appeared as J.Lo on Season 6 and 7 of the show — she'll also play a another character that should be familiar to fans of NBC.

In a network crossover event, Lopez will appear on Will & Grace as her Shades Of Blue character NYPD detective Harlee Santos. The show's co-creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan haven't confirmed exactly how this will all work. Will Lopez appear in a multi-episode arc as the two different characters? Will she show up as herself and Harlee in the same episode? Honestly, who knows, but you can guess there's going to be a whole lot of shenanigans. And who doesn't want to see Harlee have a little fun with Jack and Karen?

Lopez first appeared on Will & Grace in the Season 6 finale, "I Do, Oh, No, You Di-in't," when Karen runs into her in a hotel bathroom and asks her to play her quickie wedding to Lyle Finster, played by John Cleese. Luckily, Karen's maid Rosario is also from the block, and the fact that the two shared Bronx roots convinces J.Lo to take the gig.

Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen the latest season of Will & Grace, turn back now. Knowing that Rosario is no longer with us, giving her "a proper send-off" in Season 9 Episode 6, "Rosario’s Quinceañera," gives Lopez a reason to return and pay her respects. It also offers the show another way to honor Shelley Morrison, who has retired from acting.

But in that same Season 6 episode, Jack also gets to fill-in for one of Lopez's back-up dancers when she performs "Waiting For Tonight" at Karen's Vegas nuptials. He impresses her so much that she invites him on tour. But, when Lopez returns in the Season 7 premiere, "FYI: I Hurt Too," she realizes she might have made a mistake.

See, Jack, now friends with J.Lo, offers her a song that Karen wrote called "FYI: I Hurt Too." Safe to say, that doesn't go over well and she ends up firing Jack. Don't worry, though, J.Lo does end up getting him a gig with Janet Jackson because that's what friends do. Knowing that the two left on pretty good terms, perhaps Jack might be up for another chance to dance with J.Lo? Or, maybe Lopez will finally release her own version of "FYI: I Hurt Too"? FYI, that would be amazing.

While Lopez is gearing up for her third season of Shades Of Blue, slated to air later this year, most people think of her as a movie star. This is despite the fact that she got her start in TV as one of The Fly Girls on In Living Color. The early part of her career she spent doing short-lived TV series like Second Chances, which ran for just one season in 1993-1994. A year later, she appeared in the Fox comedy South Central, and the drama Hotel Malibu about a family that ran — what else? — a hotel in Malibu.

Three years later, she got her big break in Selena and didn't return to TV until Will & Grace. It's surprising to think, but Shades Of Blue is her first real TV series, which makes this return to hang out with Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack for their revival as not just herself, but also her signature TV character, very appropriate. Let's just hope Karen and Jack will be able to contain themselves when she arrives.