Jesse & The Rippers' Best 'Full House' Performances, Ranked

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If you were an avid Full House watcher as I was, you know that aside from his luscious locks, Uncle Jesse is best remembered for his musical inclinations — particularly, when he put those talents to use with his band, Jesse and the Rippers. *Screams and throws bra* The band may have been fictional, but their impact was very real. In fact, because they got so much airtime on the show, it felt as though they were legitimate, and their various musical performances have stayed with fans to this very day. So, what better way to honor Jesse and the Rippers than to rank their best performances?

I want to first issue a disclaimer saying that even the band's worst performance was still, honestly, pretty damn good. But when you're as on point as they were (and when they come out of retirement, still are), you have to get critical. And that means making the impossible decision of eliminating and choosing between performances like you would your hypothetical children. But, alas, someone's got to do the dirty work, and I'm up to the task. Here are Jesse and the Rippers eight best performances, ranked:

8. The One With Michelle On Background Vocals

SelenaLovely720 on YouTube

This ranks mainly because of cuteness, because the content of the song is... questionable. Though, the guys do harmonize quite well.

7. The Disney World Concert

Kyeana Calderon on YouTube

Like a Super Bowl performance, this had all the bells and whistles that come along with a major production. So, while it definitely wasn't my favorite performance in terms of vocals, it was still a great and entertaining show.

6. The Time They Totally Jammed Out

SZakiabba on YouTube

Hands down one of their most fun performances. *Rocks out on air guitar*

5. The Fuller House Rendition


The nostalgia and the collaboration with nearly the entire cast really ups the ante on this one. I'm a sucker for reunion-y things.

4. The One Featuring Michelle's Breakout Performance

Maureen Ohler on YouTube

How could this not rank super high on the list? Michelle killed it. Her vocals were critical to the overall vibe. And, you know, Jesse and The Rippers were pretty great, too.

3. The Basement Edition Of "A Little More Love"

Juli Grasso on YouTube

This performance is so underrated. The amount of emotion that went into it elevated it high above the rest. Have mercy on my heart, Uncle Jesse.

2. The Wedding Serenade By Jesse

Brian Beckwith on YouTube

Don't pretend like you can watch this without crying, you big liar.

1. The Music Video, Duh

RandomDailyMusic on YouTube

There is only one word for this: iconic.

Why hasn't there been a Jesse and the Rippers best hits album yet? I wish I knew.