Jessica From 'Love Is Blind' Just Shared Photos With Her New Boyfriend


Jessica Batten is officially no longer single and is letting everyone know about it. That's right, Jessica from Love Is Blind has a new boyfriend, the Netflix reality star revealed on Instagram on Saturday, July 4. Even though Jessica didn't marry Mark Cuevas on Love Is Blind, based on the two photos and message she shared, Jessica is finally happy.

"I'm thankful to be able to follow my heart and choose my own happiness," she wrote on Instagram. "I hope you all do the same! For those who have asked, this is why I would do it all over again. Can't wait to share some of our adventures."

Jessica's boyfriend is Benjamin McGrath and according to his Instagram bio, he's a foot and ankle surgeon. He also has two kids, a son and a daughter. In a July 4 video posted to her Instagram Story, Jessica revealed that the two met while riding bikes, which is their "favorite thing to do together."

Of course, there were many comments on Jessica's relationship reveal. One Instagram user even asked, "Is he 34 or 24." Fans of Love Is Blind will understand where this question is coming from. While engaged to Mark in Season 1, Jessica was concerned about their 10-year-age difference. During filming, Jessica was 34 and Mark was 24, something she struggled with a great deal.

Jessica responded to the Instagram commenter by writing about Ben, "He was 34 at the time of filming so it turns out that's exactly what I was looking for [crying laughing emoji]. Thanks for asking!"

Like Jessica, many of her friends couldn't be happier for her new relationship. Kelly Chase from Love Is Blind commented on Jessica's Instagram, "YAY!!! Hehe! Loved meeting him last weekend! Great Guy Jess!! So so happy for you!!!" Olivia Caridi from The Bachelor also excitedly wrote, "AH YAY I FINALLY GET TO SEE HIMMM Y'all are GORG!!!" Even Carlton Morton from Love Is Blind Season 1 expressed his congratulations by writing in part, "You deserve all the happiness!"

Despite her many struggles during and after Love Is Blind, Jessica has learned a lot about herself. She's now living her best life and even found love in the process.