J.J. Abrams And RuPaul Might Seem Like An Unlikely Pair But Their New Collaboration Sounds Awesome

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When one thinks of producer J.J. Abrams, they might think "science fiction" before thinking "dramedy series chronicling RuPaul's rise to fame." But it turns out, this is a connection that can now be made. J.J. Abrams and RuPaul might seem like an unlikely pairing, but according to Deadline, Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, and Rupaul's production company, World of Wonder, are joining together to create a half-hour series that is a fictionalized version of RuPaul's journey from a 1980s club kid to a popular drag queen, from struggling artist to gay icon and reality television star.

The series, which is penned by Power executive producer Gary Lennon, will follow this fictionalized version of the entertainer born RuPaul Andre Charles' experience in Reagan-era New York City, as he navigates the mean streets and the path to fame. In real life, the San Diego native studied the arts in Atlanta before settling in New York. He became a mainstream hit in 1993, when his song "Supermodel (You Better Work)" from his album Supermodel of the World became a worldwide hit.

Both RuPaul and Abrams are successful producers so it's almost certain this new series will be a hit. Abrams was most recently behind the popular HBO series Westworld; meanwhile, the Emmy-winning RuPaul's Drag Race, which is moving from LOGO to VH1, is about to start Season 9 and has also led to several spinoff series.

While this combo does seem unlikely, this series is also not Abrams' first foray into NYC coming-of-age television series. Back in 1998 into the early aughts, the New York native worked with Matt Reeves to create Felicity, a series that followed a college student of the same name through four years at the "University of New York" (based on New York University). While RuPaul's '80s version of the Big Apple was probably quite different than that of Felicity, a student fighting for independence from her overbearing family, the raw emotion of finding oneself is universal.

With all the experience working behind the scenes, I can't imagine this series not being a hit. All I can say for certain now is team behind this new series "better work" quickly so we can get a glimpse of RuPaul's fabulous life pre-fame.