There Are Definitely References To Taylor Swift's New Man On "...Ready For It?"

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Taylor Swift declared the "old Taylor" as dead and gone in "Look What You Made Me Do," her first single from her upcoming album Reputation. And the "new Taylor" shines in her new track "...Ready For It?" which dropped late on Saturday, Sept. 2. There are many likely Joe Alwyn references on "...Ready For It?" since he is her rumored boyfriend. It's a track that seems to channel the pop sound that has been successful for Swift in the past, while including some new elements (she raps!).

Alywn is a British actor known for his recent role in the feature film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Earlier this year, rumors began swirling that he and Swift had not only been spotted together, but that they had been dating for several months. It's been speculated that Alywn and Swift probably began seeing each other in 2016 — she had been spotted attending a screening for Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk late last year, but it has not been confirmed if he and Swift had been acquainted at that point. No matter how and when they met, it sounds like Swift is very happy with her new (rumored) love: they have been recently spotted in Nashville grabbing coffee and unnamed sources have confirmed her happiness in the relationship to People.

So, how does he figure into "...Ready For It?" There are lots of references to Swift's new relationship in the lyrics if you listen closely.

"Well he was a killer / First time that I saw him"

In Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Alwyn plays the title character, who is an American soldier who has returned after a bloody battle in Iraq.

"I can be a phantom / Holding him for ransom"

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These lyrics could reference the secrecy of the relationship. Swift and Alwyn have not yet publicly confirmed that they have been dating. Being a "phantom" and "holding him for ransom" could be symbolic of them keeping the relationship to themselves.

"Younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so"

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This line is a key giveaway. Alwyn is 26 years old. In comparison, Swift's most recent ex-boyfriends have been older gentlemen: Tom Hiddleston is 36 and Calvin Harris is 33.

"I see how this is gonna go / Touch me and you'll never be alone"

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This could be a reference to how Swift knows that her relationships will always attract media attention. In a way, the lyric could be Swift's justification for keeping their relationship private.

"Island breeze, lights down low / No one has to know"

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These lines could be referencing how the relationship is a secret and, well, how well that seems to be working out for them. "Island breeze" could be referencing a specific tropical vacation they took together, or it could be a metaphor for her feeling at peace with him. Swift did also spend time with Alwyn in England, which is on an island.

"I know I’m gonna be with you / So I'll take my time"

Swift seems to be taking it slower in her relationship with Alwyn. Last year, many speculated that her courtship with actor Tom Hiddleston moved at a fast pace — it was rumored that they met each others' parents within a few months of dating.

"And we'll move to an island"

Again, FYI, the UK is on an island. Alwyn is currently based in his home country. Ahem. Could Taylor be willing to move across the pond?

"Every lover known in comparison is a failure"

This is quite a compliment to Alwyn. Here, Swift is saying all of her past relationships pale in comparison to the current one she's in now. Aww.

"Me, I was a robber / First time that he saw me"

The above lyric could be talking about Swift's own romantic reputation and many famous ex boyfriends, who she has dated in the spotlight. Perhaps this is voicing some worry about how Alwyn perceived her upon first meeting. But it seems to have worked out for them both.

It's pretty likely that these lyrics are references to Swift's new relationship, giving us a glimpse at her newfound happiness.