'Bachelor In Paradise' Fans Can't Get Enough Of Jordan & Joe's Bromance

ABC/Paul Hebert; CassaClaire/Twitter

The premise of Bachelor In Paradise is to build strong relationships. At this point, there's a lot of indecision among the cast members, but there is one strong bond that fans love. On Tuesday night, viewers tweeted about Jordan and Joe's friendship on Bachelor In Paradise a ton. Their bond may actually be the most stable relationship on the show right now.

Who would've thought that nice guy grocer and the sassy male model would be best friends? These two are the yin to each other's yang. They have the most genuine connection by far. They're each other's biggest supporter during the stressful times. They make each other (and the viewers) laugh with their hilarity. Joedan is a friendship worth 'shipping, that's for sure.

During the most recent episode, they comforted each other while the women they were interested in went on dates with other guys. That's a tough position to be in, especially in such a public manner, but they really had each other's backs. The fans couldn't help being compelled by their laughing fits, sweet support, and true connection. This was the duo worth tweeting about (not that one "couple" who shall not be named, but has been dominating the show since episode one).

At this point, it's expected that the Bachelor franchise cast has a better shot at finding best friends than a future spouse. This Joedan pairing is one that seems like it's going to last. Jordan can even model in campaigns for Joe's grocery store. Just imagine him using produce as props or redesigning the employee uniforms. There's just so much potential, especially since so many people are on board with the Jordan and Joe bromance.


A New Favorite

BIP alum Carly Waddell knows what it's like to be a part of a power duo on this show. If she says that Jordan and Joe are a power couple, then Jordan and Joe are a power couple.


They Found Another Type Of Love

Their romantic relationships are still up in there, but there's no doubt about it: There is a strong love here. Joedan forever.


They Had Matching Towels

Does it get any more adorable than matching towels? No, it really doesn't.


Their Friendship Is Everything

They really do have the most compelling connection at this point.


They Are So In Sync

From making the same hand gestures to rocking matching towels, this duo is definitely on the same page.


They Have Such A Strong Connection

That fire emoji is truly applicable here.


They Make Each Other Happy

Did anyone else in the cast go out of the way to cheer up Joe and get him to laugh? No. Well, not that we saw during the episode. That's why Jordan and Joe are the perfect BFFs


They Should Have Their Own Show

Watching Bachelor in Paradise is a true commitment. It is on twice a week, two nights in a row, and each episode is two hours. That's a lot of BIP. Even so, the fans would watch even more if the show solely revolved around Joedan.


Their Laughter Is Infectious

Who wouldn't laugh watching the two of them laugh. At the very least, everyone watching had to crack a smile watching that scene, right?


They Would Be A Great Hosting Duo

These two have such a solid dynamic. If they hosted a show, it would definitely be a big hit.


They Are More Entertaining Than Other "Couples"

This season has turned into the (exhausting) Tia and Colton show. The Joe and Jordan show has a much better ring to it and more positive content.


They Say The Best Things

Jordan said what everyone was thinking. Yes, he said it in the most Jordan way possible, but he is right: Joe does deserve true love.

Who knows what's going to end up happening with Joe, Jordan, and the women on Paradise. At the very least, it seems like the two will walk away from the season with a true bromance.