Check Out The Cover For John Green's New Book "Turtles All The Way Down"

Marina Waters

Every day we get one step closer to the release of John Green's first new novel in six years. Until that moment, we're clinging to any scrap of information about the book John Green deigns to throw our way. So far, we've been speculating about the strange title; what does Turtles All the Way Down mean when it's at home? We know a little about the premise, and that it involves a teenager and a fugitive billionaire. And now, we've got something else to obsess over: the cover.

John Green revealed the cover of Turtles All the Way Down on GMA on Thursday morning, after tweeting that he has worked on this book for six long years. At last, his masterpiece is nearly ready to be released into the world! The new book cover follows the trademark simplistic style of John Green's other novels, so it will look gorgeous displayed on your shelf alongside The Fault in Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines, which both use the same super-minimalist theme with handwriting-style text. The Turtles All the Way Down cover doesn't give away too many clues about the book's contents — but the designer Rodrigo Corral has a few hints for us: "The spiral could be seen as experience with mental illness. We balanced the lines, type, and color, hoping to give it enough power to capture John Green's incredible narrative, but also giving his passionate readers the room to reflect and interpret the art — making the cover their own."

Here's the gorgeous cover in question.

The novel comes out on October 10, so we'll find out the answers to all of our questions so soon. But for now, get clearing some space on your bookshelf, because John Green's latest book is one you're going to want to display in pride of place.