John Legend & Chrissy Teigen's Newest "Headband Of The Day" Video Is Also Their Best

by Nicole Pomarico
Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just in case anyone missed it, John Legend's famous Instagram videos are back — and this time, one of the tinier members of his family with Chrissy Teigen is getting involved. On Monday, Legend sang "Headband Of The Day" for Luna instead of Teigen, and this might be the most adorable edition of the videos yet.

For the uninitiated, "Headband Of The Day" is a theme song that Legend created to show off Teigen's headbands each day of their vacation last summer, and it's pretty catchy. The lyrics are easy to memorize, just in case anyone wants to sing along: "Headband of the day / It's the headband of the day / Push your locks away / It's the headband of the day."

Until now, this theme song has always accompanied videos of Teigen and her chosen hair accessory, but now, it's Luna's time to shine. In a video Teigen posted, which was appropriately captioned "HBOTD," Luna can be seen playing with her mom's headband collection as her dad sings in the background.

To be honest, Luna completely outdid Teigen on this one, because she didn't just wear one headband. Nope, she wore several around her body, including one on her head. It's a Look.

So much adorableness in one video, and hopefully, this means that Luna will also appear in other "Headband Of The Day" videos in the future, too. She looks so happy to be participating in this tradition, judging by that little grin on her face.

Teigen also shared plenty of Luna's other adventures this week while their fam is on vacation in Thailand. Not only did she showcase a major meltdown Miles and Luna were having while she was trying to take a nice family picture (which, by the way, is too real for anyone who's ever tried to get a toddler to cooperate in front of a camera):

But she also shared Luna's more precious moments, too, like when she was all dolled up for a night out — and even seemed to be feeling a bit sassy about it.

Earlier this week, she even shamed Legend for not being a good Instagram husband, sharing a selfie with Luna and writing that, because she's the mom, she's always behind the camera instead of in front of it.

"I never have pictures of myself because I am selfless and am the designated photo taker and keeper for my family and no one else seems to care to be thoughtful and take good photos of me they merely click them off without paying attention to angles or lighting or general photo ambience but it’s okay," she wrote. "Such is the life I chose. (To john)."

It's been so much fun to watch Luna and Miles grow up so far, and now, she's old enough to start to understand the importance of choosing the right headband to wear that day — even if, sometimes, it means wearing all your headbands at the same time. Anytime Legend wants to release the "Headband Of The Day" song on all streaming platforms, fans are ready.