John Legend's New Photo Of Chrissy Teigen Proves He's The Best Instagram Husband

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who needs plans on a dreary winter weekend when one of Hollywood's coolest couples are sharing tropical vacation pictures on Instagram? John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's latest photos are adorable enough to keep anyone entertained. And let's be real, a sunny getaway to start 2019 was probably much needed after Teigen spent a wet New Year's Eve co-hosting NBC's special (which she totally crushed, BTW). The family of four hasn't shared exactly where they're vacationing, but they've offered up plenty of pics thanks to Teigen, Legend (the official Instagram husband), and the occasional guest shot from Teigen's hairstylist, Jen Atkin. Together, they've documented their trip beautifully, and now their fans are eager to see more.

The lighting and quality in their family photos looks totally professional, but we know for sure that Legend has taken at least some of them, because Teigen provided video evidence, thanking him for being the best Instagram husband that ever lived.

"Thank u for always supporting my Instagram dreams," she captioned a video of Legend gauging her best angles from behind an iPhone camera. "This train only moves because of you(r phone) .. you are the tracks that lay the foundation .. creating a direct path to hope and possibilities of likes and curated content. what u do is important. I will never take u for granted, my king."

You may laugh at Teigen's caption, but the photo result of that behind the scenes video, in which she's wearing a magical green gown and gold earrings, does not disappoint.

Sure, Legend probably has the latest iPhone model and its fancy camera settings to help him, but that photo is nothing short of stunning. And so are the rest of their family shots.

There's one of a towel-clad Teigen holding their son, Miles, while their oldest, Luna, sports a cheesy grin. The perfectly blurred background? You guessed it, it's probably thanks to portrait mode. Legend's phone camera skills should earn him some sort of prize.

"These are my kids," Teigen wrote. "Honestly so tired of thinking of captions." You know she's been posting a lot when the queen of witty captions runs out of things to say.

Luna basically made her modeling debut in this photo of her basking in the sunlight, on a boat, in a monochromatic nude jumpsuit. Just look at that smize. This kid remains an inspiration to everyone trying to live their best lives.

The only people who know for sure just how many of these professional quality family photos were taken by Legend is... well, Legend and Teigen. But given that sneak peek behind the scenes of the cookbook author's impromptu photo shoot, it seems safe to proclaim that the "All of Me" singer is a true Instagram hero.

For bonus vacay material, follow Teigen's Instagram stories, where she's usually playing with the kiddos, chowing down on some delicious looking cuisine, or doing something that will make you laugh. But never forget that Legend is behind the scenes helping make this family photo magic a reality the superstar Instagram husband that he is.