You Need To See How Adorably Identical John Legend & Miles Looked While On Vacation

by Kristie Rohwedder
Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

New year, new photo of John Legend and baby Miles looking identical. On Thursday, Jan. 3, Chrissy Teigen shared some of the really cute photos she has taken while on vacation with John, Miles, and Luna. Everyone's vacation fashions are top notch, the crystal blue ocean and palm tree-dotted beaches all look unreal (and sort of like something you might find in a Windows desktop library or like something that was generated in a lab that creates perfect beaches?), and Legend and Miles are still twins. Er, they still look like twins. And we know this much is true because Teigen posted a ridiculously adorable photo of Legend and Miles looking like twins hanging out on a beach and wrote, "my twin boys."

Hours after she co-hosted NBC’s New Year’s Eve coverage in Times Square (and hours after she she rang in the New Year by accidentally crashing into Leslie Jones’s umbrella), Teigen flew back to Los Angeles. And then, she hopped on a plane with her family and headed out to an, as the Daily Mail put it, "unknown tropical locale." The Teigen-Legend family sure has taken some aces vacations in the past, and based on the photos and videos that have gone up on Instagram so far, it looks like their latest excursion is no different.

It has been said approximately one billion times already, but you know what? It cannot hurt to say it again: Miles really is Legend's doppelgänger, and man, do they look alike in the picture Teigen took of them together during their family vacation. Yes, plenty of kids resemble their parents, and yes, I understand genetics are a thing, but Miles and Legend are basically identical. Like, if you pointed to Miles and told me that he has an Emmy, 10 Grammys, an Oscar, and a Tony Award, I may just fall for it. Just kidding, I wouldn't fall for it, but I would probably say something corny like "EGOT? More like ETOT, am I right?" And then, I would shrug my shoulders and then wave farewell as I let the ground swallow up my entire being.

Anyway, here are the twins, er, father and son on vacation in their snazzy beach ensembles.

Apparently, Luna’s little brother just so happens to be Legend’s personality twin, too. "Miles is so reserved—he's just John,” Teigen share with E! News in October 2018. “He's just a cuddly, lovable little ball."

It sounds like Miles is quite the mellow little guy. In that same interview with E!, Teigen said,

"He loves the quiet moments. He loves story time, but Luna was just such a bull. From the moment she came out, you just knew she was going to be such a Luna—just a nutcase. He's not really into anything. He loves sleeping and milk."

Speaking of Luna, here is a photo of Legend and Teigen's daughter on the Teigen-Legend family's vaycay.

May the rest of the Teigen-Legend family trip be even more fantastic than their exquisite vacation outfits.