'BiP' Just Aired The Most Wholesome Moment All Season, According To Twitter

by Nicole Pomarico

After the emotional rollercoaster that has been John Paul Jones and Tayshia's relationship on Bachelor in Paradise, on Monday night's episode, they actually ended up sharing a very sweet moment. And this time, his gesture didn't include reciting poetry or catching a fish with his bare hands. John Paul Jones set up a prom date for Tayshia, and fans couldn't help but smile.

So far this season, the two have been somewhat of an odd couple. JPJ has been 200 percent in since day one, but Tayshia's been more on the fence and open to other options — at least, until she realized she could no longer ignore her feelings. But now, after this grand gesture where he set up a Paradise prom for her, it looks like she is officially on the John Paul Jones train.

Fans have seen JPJ and Tayshia share some truly wild moments in their time on BiP, and not all of them have been good — especially while the Derek era was still happening. But somehow, their prom date seems to have made up for it... and it's easy to see why these two might actually end up making a really good couple.

It didn't take long for fans to hit Twitter and gush about their date, because what could be sweeter than a prom on the beach?

Just the idea of it was making people so happy:

Some people were even getting a bit emotional over the date, which is understandable — it was really cute, and it seemed to make Tayshia pretty happy.

This tweet pointed out that JPJ has thought of Tayshia as a queen this whole time, which is actually really sweet to think about. He's been supporting her since the day they met — even when things didn't necessarily seem like they were going to work out between them.

Although some people have had mixed feelings about JPJ and his behavior this season (starting a fight with Derek in the middle of Chris and Krystal's wedding was not OK by any means), what he did for Tayshia was apparently enough to change their minds.

This GIF from The Office is a perfect representation of John Paul Jones and Tayshia partying down at prom:

And a lot of people unexpectedly found themselves rooting for them as a couple when just a few episodes ago, this was not the general consensus among many fans.

Despite the uncertain beginning that JPJ and Tayshia had, right now, it seems like they're in a great place — and that's good to see, considering that the end of Paradise is so close Maybe they'll even end up leaving the beach together... possibly engaged? If anything, the prom date inched them closer to a happy ending.

Regardless of how some of us may have felt about JPJ's antics this season, it's hard to deny that this date was adorable. Hopefully, more cute moments are ahead for these two.