Theon Met An Old Friend On 'GoT' & Things Were So Awk

Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

The Stark siblings aren't the only disciples of Ned who caught up on Game of Thrones Sunday. The two boys he had in loco parentis also came face to face. However, Jon and Theon's reunion on Game of Thrones was chilly at best.

There were no hugs this time. Let's start there. Theon tried to play it cool, and casually brushed it off like he was surprised to see Jon at his Spring Break resort. "I didn't know you were here," he said. What a punk move, and Snow was not having it one bit. He grabbed Theon and made is abundantly clear that if it weren't for him helping Sansa escape Ramsay Bolton, he would kill him right on the spot.

Sure, Jon knows at this point that Theon didn't actually kill Bran and Rickon. He knows all too well, in fact. Stupid straight-line running Rickon. That said, Theon still burned Winterfell. He still betrayed House Stark. He still told everybody that he killed Bran and Rickon, even going so far as to slaughter and show off two crispy farm boys as proof. Now he's gone and betrayed Yara. It's not going to be easy for Theon to redeem himself.

I'll be perfectly honest, I've never liked Theon. I pitied Reek, and clearly hated Ramsay and what he did to him, but the Stark ward was never my favorite. Does Theon even know that Ramsay is dead, and Sansa's rocking her position as Lady Stark of Winterfell right now? If Jon gets to deliver that news, I suppose that will be nice to see. I still kind of wish he'd kill him, or at least punched him. Give us something!

Even if he's just banished, Theon needs to get out of the game, and Jon Snow might be the one to do it. Their chilly reunion may have predicted as much.