Jonathan Van Ness Is Bringing Back His 'GoT' Recap Show ‘Gay Of Thrones’ For One Last Season

Funny Or Die

If you're both a Game of Thrones fan and a Queer Eye fan, here's some doubly bittersweet news: the final season of Gay Of Thrones is coming. The Funny or Die show's new season will come out on April 16, after Sunday night's premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO. And a new preview for the Jonathan Van Ness-starring series takes a look back on all the times that he and Gay of Thrones creator Erin Gibson have wondered, "Where are my dragons?" It's now their very last chance to find them.

The new Gay Of Thrones Season 8 trailer flashes back all the way to its first season, which premiered in 2013. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, the entire show started after Funny or Die writer/producer Erin Gibson was inspired to create the series after many conversations she had about the fantasy series with Jonathan Van Ness while he was styling her hair. (In every episode of Gay of Thrones, Van Ness styles a guest's hair as they digest the latest episode of GoT.)

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Gibson said: "I am very excited to blow out this last season of Gay of Thrones with the panache and fierceness that only Jonathan can bring to the screen."

And she's not the only one who's excited. Van Ness tweeted the announcement on Wednesday, April 10, (#WhereAreMyDragons) and his mentions are full of excitement — and relief. Some fans, like @lloufast, worried that Van Ness' success on Queer Eye meant he was "too famous" to come back.

As is tradition with Gay of Thrones, each episode will feature Van Ness styling a different guest's hair while they gab about and recap the previous Sunday's episode. Past guests have included Margaret Cho, Maria Bamford, Timothy Simons, and George R.R. Martin himself, according to Entertainment Weekly. None of this season's guests have been announced.

The beloved web series, which started during the third season of Game Of Thrones in 2013, has earned two Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Short Form Variety Series category in 2016 and 2018. Even if you don't watch Game Of Thrones, you may have caught that adorable video last year when the Queer Eye Fab Five found out about their four Emmy nominations. But for Jonathan, it was five, and he could NOT even. On his Instagram, Van Ness posted a video of the moment he found out and rightfully overcome with joy, and a sweet group photo with the caption:

To be recognized in this way moves me to tears, the gratitude, the love, gahhhhhh!! @gibblertron@funnyordie I love you all so so so much 💙💙💙💙💙🌈 so much congrats @netflix @queereye #emmys2018#queereye #gayofthrones

If you're panicking about catching up on all previous seasons of Game of Thrones before the Sunday night premiere of season eight, or have just forgotten what happened to some of the characters, consider turning to Gay of Thrones as a much quicker, less emotionally gutting primer on who's who and what's going down in Westeros. That way, you'll be totally ready to find those dragons when the new season arrives.