Here's Your July 2020 Horoscope, Aquarius

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July 2020 Horoscope For Aquarius

Hello Aquarius, there’s an entire world that you’re reflecting on and it’s important that you know when to take a break. You can’t spend the majority of your life consumed by your subconscious, eventually you’re going to have to learn how to talk about your underlying motivations and triggers. On July 1, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto will all be conjunct within your house of dreams and the subconscious within the sign Capricorn. Whatever is developing now has been a long time coming for your Aquarius, even if it’s uncomfortable to think about. On July 12, when Mercury the planet of communication turns direct in Cancer and opposes the Capricorn stellium in your house of dreams, you’re going to be forced to take a good, hard look at all that you’ve been working toward. Mercury has given you enough messages to understand how you’re perceived in your day to do life, but it’s up to you to unpack whatever weighs you down and move past it.

What July 2020 Has In Store For Aquarius’ Relationships

The ruler of your house of close relationships, The Sun, is within your house of health and daily routines. As the Sun pushes forward through the sky and Mercury the planet of communication leaves its conjunction to the sun to move retrograde throughout your house of routine, expect to begin a deep reflection over your day to day life and how your childhood influences it. It’s OK to admit that sometimes you struggle to demand the attention you need from others, and it is appreciated that you’re working to be respected within your community and not just known. On July 14, Mars, the planet of passion, in Aries will conjunct Chiron, the asteroid that rules over our deepest wound and greatest strength exactly. And Uranus, the planet of rebellion, is being conjunct by the Moon, which rules over our emotions. This day could lead to you potentially lashing out due to an old wound. Don’t ignore it because there’s a lot of freedom that can be gained by sticking up for your values!

Tarot Card of the Month

Strength: You will thrive if you learn self preservation. Be patient with yourself this month!