Here's Your July 2020 Horoscope, Capricorn

by Astrologer Six
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July 2020 Horoscope For Capricorn

July 1 is the last day that Saturn retrograde is in Aquarius prior to moving backwards in your house of self, so be ready to re-explore any responsibilities that you’ve left unattended to. July 2 is the time that you will be forced to consider who you are becoming, take your time and be intentional with your goals. On July 4, the moon in Capricorn will be full and opposing the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Cancer within your house of relationships. You need to teach yourself to express your feelings. Start by allowing yourself to be honest about your needs within relationships. You can’t expect for your loved ones to read your mind, and this month is encouraging you to begin communicating your boundaries, limits, and obligations. On July 12, Mercury goes direct in Cancer and will finally encourage you to create more order and structure in and out of your personal and romantic life.

What July 2020 Has In Store For Capricorns’ Relationships

You need to learn to pull away from your relationships and begin putting your energy into your work and daily routines Capricorn. This doesn’t mean completely abandoning your loved ones. However, with the North node of fate leaving your house of relationships in Cancer and entering your house of work in Gemini, now is the time to find a balance between work and your close relationships. With Cancer Mercury in your house of relationships and retrograde, quickly separating a conjunction with Cancer sun, you may spend the beginning of July reflecting on and re-evaluating your relationships.

Tarot Card of the Month For Capricorn

The Emperor: It’s time to take rule over your domain. Make hard decisions and focus on your priorities.