Here's Your July 2020 Horoscope, Taurus

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July 2020 Horoscope For Taureans

Eclipse season is taking place in your houses of transformation and values, Taurus, so expect for this year to drastically change what you have and hold onto. With the South node in Sagittarius within your house of shared resources, now is the time for you to start becoming more charitable with your resources. You’re no stranger to accumulating a community that seeks to serve and help you out, but now is time for you to surprise yourself by focusing on your personal possessions and values. Chiron Aries, the asteroid that symbolizes our deepest wound and our greatest gift, is taking up space within your house of dreams and your subconscious. Now is the time to unpack why you feel this consistent need to be independent. You do know that it’s OK to let someone be your partner in life? On July 14, Chiron Aries will make a conjunction to Mars, the planet of libido and passion, inspiring you to heal from unprocessed and potentially suppressed hurt.

What July 2020 Has In Store For Taurean’s Relationships

You’ve come to realize that everything comes at a cost, Taurus, which means that you have to be careful what gifts you allow yourself to receive from others. You’re beginning to de-vest from relationships that are no longer serving you. In fact, it’s hard for you to ignore the blatantly toxic behaviors from those closest to you. With Jupiter, the ruler of your house of close relationships, still in retrograde within the sign Capricorn, you might find that the burden feels heavy now. But everything gets easier with time! Jupiter rules over expansion and knowledge, so take note of the connections that are contributing positively to your life. Now is a good time to recognize that you can’t take everyone with you to the VIP section of your dreams.

Tarot Card of the Month For Taurus

The Devil: Some relationships are bound in love, but others will bind you for life. Trust who people are when they reveal themselves to you.