Here's What June Has In Store For Aries Zodiac Signs

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June 2020 Horoscope For Aries

Summer is coming and so is the heat, but try not to get too worked up, Aries. Many of you have been feeling hot and bothered lately, especially during this quarantine season (what else is there to do?). Your ruler, Mars, the planet of passion and libido, will be entering your house of self by the end of the month, so be patient while it continues its stay in Pisces, within your house of subconscious and imprisonment. On June 12, Mars will make an exact conjunction to Neptune, the planet of illusions and confusion. You may feel overwhelmed or even anxious during this time, and it might not help that many of you are running out of things to occupy your mind. Expect for the New moon in Cancer to highlight your home and family life — this could be an ideal time to express what you need to feel right at home.

What June 2020 Has In Store For Aries’ Relationships

With Venus, the ruler of your house of relationships, gone retrograde in the sign Gemini, it’s time for you to consider how you communicate in relationships. Saturn, the planet that rules over boundaries and structure, is also retrograde in your house of community and aspirations. Take this time to consider your needs from a romantic partner, and what didn’t go well in previous relationships. You might think you know exactly what you want, but the next few months are helping you prioritize. June could be difficult with Mars in Pisces, as you might feel trapped, misunderstood, or that you are a victim of circumstance. Be patient, Aries, it’s all coming together.

Tarot Card Of The Month For Aries

The Moon: Not all is clear for a reason. This month is about doing the shadow work.