JustFab x Betches’ Summer Collection Is Witty Perfection

If you love social media, shopping, and can't get enough quippy humor and pop culture commentary, you probably follow Betches on Instagram. The all-female digital company has made a name for itself thanks to its relatable humor and now, you'll be able to wear it. JustFab x Betches' summer collection will make you laugh out loud but also keep you stylish. With witty catch phrases on graphic tees, bags, and mugs, the collection is filled with basically everything you could want for the summer season.

Subscription fashion service JustFab allows subscribers to get personalized shoes, clothes, and accessories based on their preferences. Before the collection, however, the site had not released its own merchandise. Now, that's changing. JustFab x Betches marks the first time the site has created its own branded fashions, and there are few choices that are as inspired as the team up with Betches.

Started in 2011 by three college roommates, Betches is a site dedicated to be upfront and honest about your love things some may call basic. The unapologetic nature of Betches is part of what has made the site so successful. With humor, wit, and snark, Betches is the perfect pair up for JustFab, and you're going to want to shop all of it.

What kind of products can you shop from JustFab x Betches?

1. Dress Like Everyone's Watching

Betches X JustFab Everyone's Watching Tee, $25, JustFab

It's honestly really good advice.

2. But First, Champagne

Betches X JustFab Champagne Tee, $25, JustFab

True words.

3. Later Wine Tumbler

Betches x JustFab Wine Tumbler, $13, JustFab

Portable wine? Yes, please.

To check out the rest of the JustFab x Betches collection, head over to JustFab's website. Whether you're after apparel or accessories, this collection definitely has it.