Justin Hartley's Thoughts On Kevin's 'This Is Us' Future Will Make You Question Everything

Just because fans now know how Jack died, doesn't mean the This Is Us heartbreak is over for good. Plenty of tragedy seems to befall the Pearson family, and it's safe to guess that Season 3 will bring tears to viewers' eyes, too. Even Justin Hartley worries about Kevin dying on This Is Us, which honestly says a lot about the nature of the show.

To be fair, fans knew for a while that Jack was dead — the drama just didn't reveal how he died. Still, This Is Us has produced plenty of unexpected twists, and it wouldn't be a total shock if one of the Big Three didn't make it to the end of the show.

"On our show you never know, you might not live," Hartley said to Entertainment Tonight during a conversation over the weekend. And when the outlet asked if he was worried about the writers killing off his character, Hartley said "yes."

"I mean, 'worry' is a strong word," Hartley said to ET. "I don't worry about it, but I do think about it when people bring it up. [Kevin] was on very thin ice there last season, so we'll see what happens."

The "thin ice" Hartley is referring to could be his character's struggle with addiction. After getting injured on a movie set, Kevin becomes addicted to painkillers, even trying to steal a prescription pad from an old classmate after his high school reunion.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

And even though Kevin's character doesn't seem to be in imminent danger, This Is Us' Season 2 finale did leave a lot of things up in the air. In a scene set in the future, Randall and Tess have an ominous conversation about not being ready to see "her." There's been plenty of fan speculation about who the woman in question is, and why the two of them are so hesitant about the reunion.

There are plenty of fan theories that the Randall-Tess cliffhanger could spell bad news for Beth. If the "her" in question were Deja, the two of them could be visiting her after Beth's death (dark, I know). They could also be visiting an ailing Beth in a hospital. Of course, people die and get sick in real life — but This Is Us' tendency to make viewers cry has people thinking the worst about the conversation.

Susan Kelechi Watson's recent statements about her character should reassure fans about Beth's This Is Us fate, though. During a conversation at the 92nd Street Y in June, the actor said that show creator Dan Fogelman told her the show was "not going to" kill Beth.

It sounds like Fogelman didn't have the same conversation with Hartley, though. And while This Is Us probably won't kill off one of the Big Three just yet, it's worth pointing out that Kevin and Kate haven't been seen in the show's future timeline yet. Still, there's no need for fans to panic just yet. And if Kevin, Beth, or one of the other family members does meet an untimely death, they'll likely still live on through flashbacks, as Jack has.