Kaitlyn Bristowe Shed Light On Why Her Breakup With Shawn *Really* Was For The Best

by Nicole Pomarico
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been six months since former Bachelorette couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth officially called it quits, and now, more details about what might have been going on behind the scenes in their relationship at that time are coming out. During an appearance on LadyGang on Sunday, Kaitlyn opened up about her split from Shawn, and as hard as she's said it was for her, it sounds like in the end, it was the best thing for her.

When Shawn and Kaitlyn first broke up, Kaitlyn was very honest about her feelings on her own podcast, Off The Vine, admitting that they'd had a "hard few months." And now, Kaitlyn's explaining why she thinks things ended — and she seemed to confirm that Shawn was the one who broke up with her.

"[Shawn] left me ... He didn't know why he couldn't love me," Kaitlyn said, later adding, "I think the show was too hard for someone to get over. I don’t know, that’s what I’m going off of.”

That reasoning makes sense, considering that Shawn was open about the fact that he felt insecure about her relationship with Nick Viall while the show was filming. Although their breakup happened three years after their season of The Bachelorette aired, maybe it really was ultimately too much for him to deal with.

But as difficult as that time in her life must have been for Kaitlyn, it sounds like everything worked out for the best, especially after hearing boyfriend Jason Tartick's latest comments about her and their relationship. He FaceTimed in to LadyGang and shared some seriously sweet words about Kaitlyn. "I have never in my life been happier than I am with Kaitlyn, and there's no looking back right now," he said.

And then, when they asked him if he was intimidated by how "strong and powerful" Kaitlyn is, he said it was actually one of the qualities he liked most about her. "Intimidated would be the polar opposite," Jason replied. "I am turned on by how strong she is as a lady."

It didn't stop there, though. Kaitlyn also shared the "hottest thing he ever did," which involved her Bachelorette engagement ring from Shawn. "I was like, 'Should we sell the ring and put it toward our own?' He goes, 'I could do better than Neil Diamond,'" Kaitlyn said. "He didn't even know Neil Lane's name."

But to be fair, the rings do have diamonds, and Jason was pretty close. He gets a little credit for that one.

Although Kaitlyn and Shawn were obviously together (and seemingly happy) for three years, it's hard to deny how happy Kaitlyn is with Jason and how much they care about each other already. It's sad, but sometimes people grow apart in relationships — and it seems like ending things allowed both Kaitlyn and Shawn to explore other paths that could lead them to happiness.

So far, it's been so fun to watch Kaitlyn and Jason's relationship grow, and hopefully, they'll keep sharing moments from their life together with fans on Instagram. Maybe one of these days, Jason will end up buying a Neil Diamond ring of his own? Time will tell.