'Bachelor' Couple Kaitlyn & Jason May Take This Major Next Step "Sooner" Than Fans Think

by Stephanie Downs
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; ABC/Craig Sjodin

Between moving in together and adopting their adorable dog Noodle, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are clearly going so strong. But, could the pair be ready to take yet another step in their already-strong relationship? That very well could be the case, as Kaitlyn and Jason said they may get engaged "sooner rather than later" in a new interview with E! News.

During their interview with the publication, the engagement topic came up and Jason revealed that fans may see him sharing his own final rose with his girlfriend sometime in the near future. "I think I can speak for Kaitlyn," he said, "I think Kaitlyn has an expectation within a year."

Kaitlyn went on to clarify that she doesn't exactly have an "expectation," but she does believe that an engagement could be the next step that they take. She said,

"I don't have an expectation. I don't expect anything. I just think on the path that we're on, it would make sense that this is the next step. And moving in, we have the confidence in our relationship. We just rescued a dog together so that just feels like the next step in our relationship."

Her boyfriend couldn't help but agree, saying, "We're on the same page. We know what we want out of this relationship." While they're not engaged at the moment, they're definitely still moving right along in their relationship, as they've recently moved in together, per People.

In their interview with E! News, Jason and Kaitlyn addressed the move and related how they're also settling into their lives as doggy parents, "The next step is moving in together. We then threw in a little curve ball and rescued a dog so we're doing a crash course and all the stars are aligning for sooner rather than later." So, even though the engagement topic is one that's definitely on their minds, it seems like Kaitlyn and Jason's focus is squarely on some recent relationship milestones (and, especially, their adorable doggo).

The Bachelor couple first announced that they were moving in together back in May on Kaitlyn's Off the Vine podcast. “We’re at the next step in our relationship where we want to grow even more and we can’t do that in long distance,” she revealed, “Cheers to new roommates! I can’t wait to see what things you do that drive me nuts.”

Jason added that they were done doing the whole long distance thing (prior to moving in together in Kaitlyn's Nashville home, he was living in Seattle), “Kaitlyn and I got to a point where being across the entire country didn’t make sense,” he said, “I think that for the short term and the long term, Nashville was the best place for us to be."

That wasn't the only exciting news they announced on the May 24 episode of the podcast, the former Bachelorette went on to say that the couple were set to adopt a dog together, whom they named Ramen Noodle ("Noods" for short), “I think I might cry telling this next part,” she said, “I’m just so happy. We are also adding a new member to the family. Ramen Noodle Vino Bristick. We’re getting a dog! We saved Ramen.”

Ever since Kaitlyn and Jason started dating (they confirmed their relationship in January), the pair have captured fans' hearts with their whirlwind love story. And based on this latest engagement-related update, Bachelor Nation can expect to hear even more exciting updates from the cute couple incredibly soon.