Fans Are Almost Certain That A Kanye West Diss Track About Taylor Swift Is Coming

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As soon as Taylor Swift's new song dropped on Thursday night, Twitter began dissecting the lyrics to figure out who "Look What You Made Me Do" is about. And at the top of the suspect list? Kimye. Of course, it's purely speculation, but the clues seem to be in the lyrics. So, naturally, fans are already so eager for Kanye West's response to Swift's new song. And, yes, they'd like that response to be in the form of a diss track. Please and thank you.

Even if it takes some time for the rapper to gather his thoughts in song form, there are other ways he could speak out. Considering his history of speaking his mind on Twitter, a Kanye reaction should be arriving in the near future. If we don't get one directly from the rapper himself, it's possible that Kim Kardashian, social media queen that she is, will post a video — likely on Snapchat — in the near future. There's just no way they'd stay silent on the matter. This is Kimye, after all.

If you're not yet convinced that a Kanye response is on the way, let these passionate fans pump you up. They just feel a song on the way, and that energy is contagious.

1. The Hopes Are Up

Kanye isn't known for staying silent.

2. Already Waiting

We're all twiddling our thumbs.

3. Grab The Popcorn

You're gonna need it.

4. Bringing Back The Snake Emoji

This one feels a tad harsh, TBH.

5. A Silver Lining

When you think about it, this song can bridge the gap between Swift and West fans — giving them both something to look forward to.

6. The More Realistic Option

Still, that doesn't mean you can't dream big.

7. A Genius Addition

If Kardashian is on the chorus, it'd be the epic follow-up to "Jam (Turn It Up)" that fans have been waiting for.

8. The Line That Stands Out

He can't not respond to that lyric, right?

9. A Key Clue

Well, if he's already in the studio...

10. Fans Are Begging For It

Just look at that caps lock.

11. The GIF Says It All

Kanye isn't one to let things go.

While only time will tell what Yeezy does in response, just know that fans are already on the edge of their seats.