Kat Von D's New Liquid Lipsticks Are Basically All The Colors Of A Crayola Crayon Box

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty addicts rejoice. More lipsticks are coming your way. While not every brand is both vegan and cruelty-free, one well-known company prides themselves on being both, and they've just dropped new lippies. Kat Von D's 10 new liquid lipsticks basically look like a Crayola Crayon box, and it's such good news for fans of Von D and her eponymous brand.

Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line may just be one of her most well-known products (outside of the cult classic Shade & Light Contour palette). The brand currently has a whopping 44 shades of the liquid formula for sale on the Sephora website, and now they're introducing 10 new shades that are exclusive to the Kat Von D website. Talk about a shade range, right? These latest shades certainly expand the variety even more.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20, Kat Von D

While the brand already had a great set of shades (including ultra-fun colors like Dreamer's neon blue), the latest lippies feature colors that aren't already part of the collection. While some are close to other hues, there's definitely a distinct departure for most of the new additions to the line. From vibrant orange to true blue and deep plum, there's more than enough variety for someone to find what they'll looking for, even in just the 10 new lippies.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20, Kat Von D

According to the brand's Instagram account, the lipsticks are available right now on their website.

Launching surprise lipsticks is just the latest in a long line of developments for the Von D brand. Only a week ago, they announced a brand new product via their founder. The Kat Von D Lash Liner is the first vegan and cruelty free liquid eyeliner designed for your inner rim lash line. As for how it works, according to a post on Von D's personal instagram it applies wet and will eventually dry down to a true black. Whether you love a crisp inner water line liner or not, it's hard to see that the product is definitely innovative.

The new and upcoming Lash Liner are only two of Von D's most recent products, but she's been turning out new goods like gumballs out of a gumball machine. This month, she also launched her Divine inspired collection which featured a palette (with Divine's signatures eyes on the front, of course) and lipstick. Then, there's her eyeliner collaboration with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. So basically, she's doing the most with her makeup line.

But makeup isn't all that seems to be on her mind. She's moving outside of the realm of cosmetics as well and expanding her empire into fashion. Kat Von D vegan shoes are coming her fans' way, and they look incredible. She announced the line at the beginning of February and gave fans all the details on what was to come.

Von D has been busy developing a size inclusive shoe line that will feature sizes between five and 12, and they're completely vegan and cruelty free. While a date has not been announced for the launch of the footwear, fans know that it will launch with 28 styles including platforms, flats, creepers, and boots alongside other designs. Basically, Von D is one busy woman, but her fans can seemingly expect a lot from she and all her various brands in 2018.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20, Kat Von D

Clearly, Kat Von D isn't slowing down. Whether it's makeup or shoes, there's so much to come for this artist. While you can't snag her shoes or her cosmetics' brand's innovative Lash Liner at the moment, For now, you can head over the brand's website and grab the rainbow of Crayola Crayon colors from the 10 news Everlasting Liquid Lipstick launch. Honestly, that's totally good enough for now.