Kat Von D's Vegan Shoes Are Better Than Expected

Late last year, Kat Von D teased her latest entrepreneurial effort — a vegan shoe line in its nascent stages. Kat Von D just dropped more details about her vegan shoe collection and it's going to make Kat Von D-evotees and their feet insanely happy.

Since the celeb tattooist and makeup guru is known for her funky platforms and boots, signature rock x goth style, and unwavering commitment to a cruelty-free lifestyle, it makes sense for her to venture into fashion in this manner.

Von D is proving that you can wear awesome, stylish, and leather-look shoes without harming any animals in the process.

What else has KVD revealed about her shoe line, which she sketched and designed her self? Oh, plenty.

There are a few exciting developments since she last dropped a hint about her footwear endeavor.

Here's the intel. She teased a glossy, patent red, and chunky red platform, which is just one out of 26 styles the range will launch with. While this silhouette screams "Kat Von D," they won't all be neckbreaker platforms. She teased that there are plenty more styles and sizes, including some unisex options.

KVD also informed fans and followers that she just received the initial prototypes and her excitement radiated from the caption of the post.

She also thanked her supporters for their patience, since it takes a cocktail of love, care, and research to find the right materials when crafting shoes that aren't made from animal leathers and glues that aren't sourced from horses or cows.

The vegan warrior, who labels herself "vegan AF," wants the shoes to be both stylish and affordable. The goal is to drop the footwear by the end of the year. Her personal footwear game is always on point, like the retro vibe saddle shoes above. So I expect the same from the ones she designed herself.

Oh, and while I have you here, check out this blue Everlasting Liquid Lipstick from her beauty brand. KVDB is launching this metallic, midnight blue lippie on Nov. 1. It's called Bruno and is one of the Farm Sanctuary shades, the proceeds of which will be donated for animal causes.

Lippies and shoes are on the KVD deck for late 2017 and I'm all in.