Kate Hudson's Christmas Can Be Summed Up With These Two Priceless Family Moments

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every year when Christmastime comes, who else tries to get the perfect family pictures from the special day? Well, sometimes it can be really hard when you're so busy. For example, Kate Hudson's Christmas footage consists of one single photo and only one video from her family celebrations. Even though Hudson didn't manage to get a whole album's worth of pictures and videos, what she was able to capture turned out to be priceless moments and great ways to remember Christmas 2018.

First, the Marshall actor posted a video of her walking in the snow with her baby girl, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, who she gave birth to on Oct. 2. In an Instagram video posted on Dec. 26, Hudson wished her followers a Merry Christmas, all while Rani (pronounced "Ronnie") snuggled up closely to her mom. The video will seriously melt your heart it's that sweet. Also, just wait until you see Rani's red snow hat — the cutest.

The actor captioned her Instagram,

"Hope your Christmas was as fun, loving and crazy as ours! Hopefully someone else got a few pics of our day because this was the only footage I got of Christmas Day. Guess that means it was one fantastic Christmas! Sending good everything everywhere! 🙏❤️🙏 actually there was one pic...head to stories 😳 #MerryMerry."

This was Rani's first Christmas with her mom, her dad, Danny Fujikawa, and the rest of her family. It definitely looks and sounds like they all had a wonderful holiday.

As for the only photo Hudson took, well, it's just as memorable as the video of Rani. However, rather than making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you'll probably soon find yourself laughing out loud.

"Pretty much captures the day in one pic," Hudson wrote with the snapshot she shared on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. "The one photograph in my phone," she also added with the hashtag, "#LoveMyBro."

With that, here's Hudson's one and only photo from Christmas:

Her brother, Oliver Hudson, clearly isn't afraid to show off his legs, all while wearing what appears to be festive pajama pants rolled up. Or, maybe the Splitting Up Together star is wearing Christmas-themed shorts? Whatever the case, it's a hilarious picture that the family will never forget.

Like she said, the image sums up their Christmas together. They clearly had a fun time as a family, and they weren't ashamed to embrace their inner jokester. If you look in the background, you'll also see the Hudson siblings were surrounded by many loved ones in a cozy house, all while having a blast. This is exactly what the holidays are all about, right?

The fact that the Oscar-nominated actor only has one video and one picture speaks volumes. It sounds like Hudson had such a great time with her family that she forgot to take photos on Christmas Day, which is totally OK. Not only did she get a break from her phone and social media, but Hudson still walked away with two priceless moments featuring her baby girl and brother that make great memories. Now she really won't ever forget Rani's first Christmas.