Kate Middleton Once Bought Harry This Jokes Christmas Gift, But It's All Good Banter

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If you thought the royals just spent their Christmases passing around stockings full of jewels and gift-wrapped ponies, then you would be way off the mark. Even the royals aren't immune to the charms of a good joke gift. Sure, maybe the Queen might not be number one target for her grandkids' sense of humour, but they seem to like to have some fun among themselves. Now that Meghan Markle's been thrown into the mix, they'll probably have something in store for her too. Maybe it'll be a bit like the time Kate Middleton gave Harry this hilarious present.

When Harry wasn't having as much luck with the ladies back in the day, his sister-in-law decided to play a savage but hilarious joke on him. As the Mirror reports, Middleton got Harry a "grow your own girlfriend" kit a few Christmases ago. Going by most jokey family Christmas traditions, I reckon she'll be getting Harry and Megs those "How It Works: The Husband" book. Classic family Christmas bants.

Harry reportedly hasn't been afraid to extend the joke to his grandma, either. As The Express reported on Dec. 22, 2013, apparently Harry once gifted the queen a showercap with the words "ain't life a b****" on it. Shame it didn't make an appearance at either of the royal weddings this year.

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As The Express also report, the royal family are even more impatient than I am — as they open their presents on Christmas Eve, following the tradition brought over from Queen Victoria. After their 8 p.m. drinks, they'll then sit down to a black tie dinner, before the Queen reportedly retires to bed around midnight. I wonder how much longer her grandkids keep the party going?

Out of all those Christmas Eve gifts, Elle magazine referred to Middleton's grow your own girlfriend kit as one of "the most memorable." It was probably most appropriate coming from her, since, as royal reporter Katie Nicholl revealed to Grazia UK back in July: "Harry and Kate are very close, she’s been like a mentor to him." Nicholl also affirmed in her book, Harry: Life, Loss, and Love that Middleton had once been Harry's wingman, as she allegedly organised several blind dates for him back in the day, Business Insider reports.

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Eugenie also helped out back then, as she reportedly "had a good track record when it came to setting Harry up," Nicholl wrote in the book. Eugenie and her new hubby, Jack Brooksbank, should be set to make an appearance at the royal Christmas, so those husband guides might make another appearance.

But now with most of the royals married off, and another baby on the way — this Christmas, for the royal family, it might be more about giving the sentimental gifts rather than throwing shade. After all, Harry's come a long way from having a "make your own girlfriend." Now he's got the wife of his dreams that no joke Christmas gift could have built. It was a nice try though, Middleton.