Kate Middleton Reportedly Founded A Drinking Society At Uni For The BEST Reason

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Do you remember freshers week? Me neither. But somewhere between the litres of the corner shop's cheapest wines and 4 a.m. kebabs, there are some very hazy memories that still remain. Kate Middleton, the now Duchess of Cambridge, might have had a similar experience. In between meeting Wills, all of those early starts, and taking in the sights at St Andrews university, Middleton reportedly wasn't impartial to a cheeky sesh either. While she now spends her days drinking tea — or so I assume — she was reportedly once a big enough fan of the booze, that Kate Middleton reportedly founded a drinking society at university.

The reports of Middleton's penchant for a pint or two actually came to light in 2007 when the Guardian asked some of her uni pals about their time with her. Alongside insights about that time she strutted down the campus catwalk in lingerie, and reportedly said that "he's lucky to have me," after she first got with Wills, it was reported that she founded an all girls drinking society. Drinking societies at universities across Britain have traditionally been exclusive to wealthy young men, but Middleton wasn't having any of that. A friend of hers told the Guardian that she was "annoyed that the old ones excluded women," so she started her own.

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Although, according to that same source, they don't remember seeing Kate very drunk herself. But maybe they're just keeping up the Duchess' pristine image, or maybe they were just too sloshed at one of Middleton's get togethers to remember. When this was originally reported, Middleton had yet to become a Duchess, but it's coming back to light again now because it's just so much more fun to say "Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge founded a drinking society."

But her love for booze hasn't wavered. According to Woman's Own Middleton said that she was "really enjoying being able to drink again" at a wine tasting event in New Zealand. She's also into her whisky, but not even the classy kind! Back in 2010, The Telegraph reported that Jack Daniel's was her tipple of choice, and she'd occasionally opt for the fit-for-a-royal "Crack Baby" cocktail at Boujis nightclub in Kensington. Although her husband is a little less adventurous with his simple love of the humble pint. According to The Telegraph, Will's said to be a bit of a beer enthusiast.

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The royal couple haven't been strangers to the stronger stuff though. They both had a good go at glugging down Gdank's famously strong booze on one of their trips to the Polish city back in 2017. According to The Daily Star, Wills knocked back the 40 percent alcohol in one, while Middleton wasn't so keen. So, maybe her time at uni wasn't all chaos and carnage, but that might be all the more reason to love her. The Duchess both endorses responsible drinking all while tearing down the patriarchy with her drinking society for girls, which I hope is still going strong. Good on her.